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The Sensitive


A cynical and bitter skeptic attends a séance with his wife and his boss. Despite his aversion to things of the occult, he soon realizes that he is sensitive to the paranormal activities around him and actually has the power to manifest spirits into the physical plane. His so-called gift however comes with a terrible price.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 5, 1977
  • Repeat - August 20, 1977





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4 Responses to Episode 0629

This is an interesting one and it is hard to explain without giving away the ending. 2 couples conduct a séance. One of the couples has been studying the best way to go about it after failing the first time around. They are not trying to contact anyone in particular (such as a dead relative) just anyone will do - and they do make contact apparently. Seems that one of them turns out to be just the right vehicle for contacting the spirit of a dead person. Having seemingly found success the first time around, they decide to try and hit the jackpot again and another player is brought into the game. The person who can contact the spirit pays a heavy price for that "gift" though - and, another of the participants seems to develop a "personal relationship" with the entity that they contact. The surprise ending will leave you scratching your head (and that is more than I will normally say in a review about the ending of a program). This one gets your interest from the get go and is worth listening to.

Humphrey Braggart

A skeptic attends a seance with his wife and his boss. Turns out he is the "sensitive" who is able to bring the spirits to the material world. But the gift has a price.

Frankie Lacie

I would like to ask someone to open their archives, listen to this and tell me exactly what happened here, when possible. I KNOW this is the story of four foolish people (two husband-wife couples) who attend a carefully planned seance at the home of one of the couples. By "planned" I mean the temperature is set to a certain level, seating among the couples is carefully arranged (man/woman/man/woman), music is played, etc. The host couple say the seance will be a success if a "sensitive" is among them...a person who can feel and transmit the presence of a spirit from the afterlife. The host husband warns that everyone should be in good health, and that one who is a sensitive might actually lose weight if "successful". The other husband is "sensitive" to a french soldier named "Pierre". "Pierre" makes a prediction which turns out to be true, but his presence stuns his host into unconsciousness for a day. After recovering the man who was the "sensitive" makes an appointment with his physician, who says he's in fine health except for having lost 10 pounds since his last checkup (a few months ago) and his blood pressure is elevated. I THINK "Pierre" was interested in the "sensitive's" wife, but maybe ya'll can tell me differently...

Jeffrey Isaac

I would like to ask someone to open their archives, listen to this and tell me exactly what happened here, when possible. I will try to listen this coming week. I'm often in the same boat. I have had to go back and listen again in some programs to try and figure out what happened. In some cases, I'm still not sure. :?: ops: :?

Kyle Johnson

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