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The Poisoned Pen


When a group of people suddenly perish under after getting a strange missive, the thing that ties their circumstances together is that they each ridiculed a two-bit actress.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 22, 1975
  • Repeat - November 29, 1975





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9 Responses to Episode 0313

Several people who scorn an actress of marginal talent end up dead after receiving a mysterious letter.

Willmon Ryan P.

Quite frankly, I didn’t see the point of this episode. It was over at the introduction. We knew about the murders, the perpetrator, and the method of execution. The motive was revealed late in the first act. After that it was like listening to paint dry. Several New York entertainment big wigs receive mysterious letters claiming they will be rewarded for their generosity in the past to a girls who is now quite wealthy and offers them $50,000 if they can confirm their identity using the self-addressed stamped envelope. They all die.

Lymuel Ferriols

I guess I mostly agree with Lymuel that everything is stated in the introduction with the exception of how the murders were accomplished. However, even EG states early on that we know everything on that topic (and I did, too). This was an episode of the train of thinking of the detective more than anything else. It was okay, but definitely not one of the better ones.


I agree, a thick layer of drama on a very thin plot. With a little imagination this could have been far better.

Bill King

I'm listening to the Poisoned Pen 313. Pretty good so, far. Not sure why. But I'm totally addicted to CBS Raido Mystery Theater.


There's more than the stories, which I love, and your right. There is a style to CBSRMT. It just pulls you in. My other favorite is Suspense.


I like Suspense, as well (especially Leningen vs. the Ants!). One of my other favorites is "The Whistler".


I agree with other commentors here. I figured out how the murders were done very easily. It was a good murder method that could have been part of a more complex story.


"Everyone in New York sleeps until noon." Really?

Commodore's Watch

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