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Appointment in Uganda


After obsessively preparing himself for the afterlife, a man is declared clinically dead for a few minutes due to a heart attack. In the time between life and death, he is transported into the body of an elephant calf. He tries to integrate the lessons he learned when he is finally revived.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 24, 1975
  • Repeat - November 30, 1975





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14 Responses to Episode 0314

A man obsessed with preparations for the afterlife suffers a heart attack and is dead for a brief period. during that time, he lives life as a baby elephant. When he recovers, he tries to incorporate his elephant thinking into his human life.

Beatrix L.

*shudder* This must have been a mistake. Act I A ‘business man’ is in the hospital after a heart attack and is obsessed with building a crypt for his remains. His partner suggests shelves for his loved ones, an idea that is not appealing to either him or his relatives. The heart attack victim then suggests cornering the market on sponges. He also says he has been dwelling on reincarnation and then has another attack. Act II An elephant is born and learns about the wonders of life, the universe and everything from his elephant mother. Act III Businessman is revived after his heart stopped for 6-8 seconds…

Amy G.

This is one of the odder episodes - sounds like they switched reels in Act 2 to ???? - then back to the original story. Must be heard to be believed.

Mike in Grand Rapids

This has got to be the worst episode ever written for the series and I will try to tell myself that Hy Brown was either drunk or stoned when he approved the script!


Writer Elspeth Eric tends to come up with stories that emphasize the psychological aspects of her characters, and this one is no exception. It's the story of Harry, a driven neurotic self-centered schemer who thinks nothing of trying to make a killing at the expense of others. He has no respect for the women in his life (his mother and girlfriend). Then during a heart attack he experiences life in a very different world as a baby elephant (perhaps a dream suggested by his partner's comments about reincarnation?). He brings his warped ideas into this new world where teamwork is everything, helping others an important part of life, where the females are the leaders, and where taking time to contemplate and be thankful each day is the norm. Act II had me laughing out loud as his aunt and mother kept whacking him on the head each time he voiced his stupid ideas. Finally in Act III, he starts to bring these new ideas into his life, treating his mother and girlfriend with respect, and slowing down to realize the important things in life. I found this one to be a creative and amusing change from the more typical RMTs featuring crime, the supernatural, and aliens. Very entertaining. I know others will disagree - listen for yourself and make up your own mind.

AZ Mountain Geek

Not the best story, but I do agree that Act II was funny when he kept getting bopped on his head when he said stupid things. It is likely a good suggestion on how some things in your life can affect you deeply, especially a near death experience.


I love Esbeth Eric, her stories are always my favorite! This one was great!


Great episode for animal lovers!!


Harry Kantor, a hard-driving businessman, is hospitalized after a heart attack but is still unwilling to relax. During an argument with his business partner, Harry’s heart stops and he experiences rebirth as a baby elephant named Abu. His mother, Kaylin, and another elephant, Bombeen, teach him the gentle and generous ways of the herd, while an older male, Noor, tells him the elephant philosophy of death. When his heart is revived, Harry is a changed man, wondering if he just dreamed the experience, or whether he just witnessed reincarnation.


I really enjoyed this episode. It was a sweet little morality tale.


Most excellent, light hearted play. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Jim K.

I liked this episode a lot! Very goofy and odd! The part when he was an elephant was funny and adorable. I don't know why other reviewers didn't care for it. Not every ep has to be serious.


No tigers in Africa. Also, this story is clearly an allegory for trashing capitalism. So sad.


I couldn't get through it. One of the worst of Elpseth Eric's scripts. The dialougue in Act 1 is kinda funny & Bryna Raeburn's acting as an elephant is top notch though.

Cindy Caldwell

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