Arnold Stang (Actor)

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(09-28-1918 - 12-20-2009) Age 91

Arnold Stang was a busy radio and movie actor. He was on the cast of Lets Pretend and replaced Eddie Firestone Jr on That Brewster Boy.  Click here to read more about Arnold Stang and his appearances in old time radio ...

He appeared in the following 5 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
06/27/1975 0299 The Rape of the Maia A notorious gambler turns up dead and all evidence point towards a famous couturier. In order to get an acquittal, his lawyer must do battle with a wily bookie.
07/14/1975 0308 Snake in the Grass After discovering a new kind of clover, a female scientist magnanimously allows her colleague to take credit for the find. When he turns up dead, all evidence point to her. When she is accused of his murder, a smitten detective works to prove her innocence.
07/24/1975 0314 Appointment in Uganda After obsessively preparing himself for the afterlife, a man is declared clinically dead for a few minutes due to a heart attack. In the time between life and death, he is transported into the body of an elephant calf. He tries to integrate the lessons he learned when he is finally revived.
10/09/1975 0360 They Shall Stone Them with Stones A husband and wife team are hired to do a Vaudeville act. Trouble finds them when the woman accidentally reads the mind of a cold-blooded murderer- who plans to engage their services for a special performance!
11/10/1975 0376 The Public Avenger An executive assistant harbors a sneaking suspicion that her mild-mannered colleague is actually a vigilante possessing super powers in disguise.

3 Responses to Stang Arnold

Arnold Stang was in several of CBSRMT comedy-mysteries. And to good effect, in my opinion, as his voice in itself was comical. Probably his stand out character was in The Public Avenger (#376).


Arnold Stang was also the voice for 'Top Cat'! It's funny, hearing Top Cat in the CBSRMT.


In 'It's A Mad Mad Mad World", he did the gas station scene with his 'Top Cat" cast mate Marvin Kaplan. An absolute brilliant pairing of voices.


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