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Land of the Living Dead


In their journey to a distant village tucked away in the interiors of Brazil, two scientists find themselves stranded at an airport in a mysterious village. A village filled with an ancient people with their strange customs and rituals.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 3, 1977
  • Repeat - April 1, 1978





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5 Responses to Episode 0734

It seemed as if the writers did not want to use the full name Amelia Earhart. The ending was good; I thought the scientists were alive and had escaped the clutches of crazed albinos. Oh well. The two main actors in this episode are good but their voices seemed almost too similar. Some RMT's have an extra intangible element that is hard to pin down that elevates the show and I thought this episode had "it".

A. Posugac

I agree that this show had "it". Suspenseful, and an ending that was not predictable.

Lorenzo Juan

Finally found this episode... plane lands in a mysterious airport and the characters notice once inside, there are no "Departure" signs


I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. “Predictable” is the best way to describe this Fantasy-Mystery story. Don’t get me wrong. Arnold Moss’s writing for CBSRMT was enjoyable, especially his adaptions of classic stories like “Oedipus the King” from #0628-SO SHALL YE REAP and #0699-THE ADVENTURES OF DON QUIXOTE. But in this particular episode, the Title gave it away. Even in the ending, we all knew what happened to our main characters. It had a great opening scene, suitable characters, creative words to describe the places they were in, but the ending was no big surprise. A better way to title this would be “The Contemplation” because that’s exactly what our characters did the whole time during their expedition. Or even call this episode “No Departure” because there was definitely no escape. ACT-1 had sound effects of map charts, airplane hatch, howling wind, and the airplane engine sputtering. But ACT-2 only had footsteps and the bus engine. And ACT-3 only had jungle leaves flapping. I would say that the suspenseful music tunes they used were very supportive. Even the tribal music that played during the 20-minute mark was accommodating. And speaking of accommodating, our Host. In his Prologue, E.G. Marshall starts the show off by bringing up the topic of “Missing Persons.” In ACT-1, he mentions mirages/optical illusions. In ACT-2, he mentions Oman Khayyam: a Persian Poet who said in his Rubaiyat poem, “There was the Door to which I found no Key. There was the Veil through which I could not see” which is supportive in this type of mystery. In ACT-3, after realizing what happened to our main characters, he quotes William Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “An undiscovered country whose bourne no travelers return” which means he’s contemplating death. In his Epilogue, he asks where did the “Missing Persons” disappear to? His quotations from poets and his opening topic were, once again, accommodating just like our cast: Don Scardino (as Kent Floyd), Russell Horton (as Terry Bridgewater), Arnold Moss (as Professor Hans Schneider & the 3rd Assistant to the Mayor), and Carol Teitel (as Lilith & Amelia). Our 2 main actors were likable. Arnold Moss takes his acting performances seriously. And I think Carol Teitel did a lovely job for playing 2 characters where one sounded ancient and the other sounded youthful. If you like Arnold Moss’ acting and/or writing, you should check this episode out. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


The sound effect of the exploding plane ( though they were unaware of the plane exploding) was a tough sound to try to pull off, and I think they botched it. Lots of missed opportunities for sound when they were at the futuristic airport, could have at least added in echo to help depict the large open spaces of the terminal.


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