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The Precious Killer


A prominent figure in a European faction is charged with sedition and soon comes to realize that the cause he championed only brought about oppression. His desire to step aside to make way for change is thwarted by all around treachery.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 20, 1975
  • Repeat - March 29, 1975





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5 Responses to Episode 0208

A scientist and political leader in a European dictatorship is accused of treason. He learns that the revolution he fought so hard to bring about is oppressive. He plots to defect. But betrayal comes from all directions.

Rick Little

A scientist and war hero of a small autocratic country is devoted to the ideals of his nation and is recognized by the citizens as a great contributor to their current state. Nevertheless, he is arrested and held in custody to be questioned quite vigorously for many days about a large quantity of platinum that has gone missing from his laboratory. The questioner is a dear friend of his. Eventually it is discovered that a lab assistant took the money and he is released to continue his work. Returning home to his wife, they talk about escape, and seeking refuge elsewhere but he is hard to convince. The wife seeks out his dear friend and we learn that the two are having an affair and plot to steal the platinum for themselves… A great plot with a terrific idea, the main character maintains his integrity, and the villains get their due.


An invented betrayal at the beginning (?) to push a betrayal, which is a betrayed in itself. Greed always seems to override common sense and intelligence. A fairly good episode.


Karel Vortic, the leading scientist in the small Republic of Rourania, a dictatorship, is imprisoned and tortured for allegedly having planned to smuggle a million dollars worth of platinum out of the country. When the authorities finally realize they have made a mistake, they expect Vortic to return to his normal self and his job. But they don’t know Vortic very well.


An Interesting story of love, betrayal and idealism. A man who helped his country to become free for the people realizes it is not as he dreamed, but a dictatorship. His wife is betraying him and she and the cruel man she is with want to flee the country with wealth she cons her husband into stealing, but their greed and selfishness backfire. Enjoyed the commercials and news!


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