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Honor Among Thieves


In order to give their friend a proper funeral, a group of old men rob the local bank. They are unsure of what to do with the money on hand when they become plagued by their guilty conscience.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 3, 1981
  • Repeat - November 3, 1981





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10 Responses to Episode 1229

funny as heck...

Brian Collins

I was never sure if I was supposed to laugh at these guys or feel sorry for them. The performances and music cues were all over the place.


I remember this episode.. finally found it... spoiler: the old men on social security decide to rob a bank and after they get away with it one of their wives tells them to return the money or else she'll tell on them


"Septuagenarians Teach and Sweets, tired of the desperation of living from pension check to pension check, convince Wally to go along with their plan to rob a bank. The three cronies miraculously make off with the loot. But Wally’s wife, Sarah, sees them counting it and wants to give it back. The gang agrees and now has to pull off the robbery in reverse."


Not nearly funny enough to be a comedy, performances too broad to be taken seriously. Weak all around.

Fiver Reynoldsburg

Nice change of pace, entertaining story

Ma Col

A poor man's Damon Runyon tale. Not very good.

Commodore's watch

This one is a little too corny and dated to be super enjoyable. Okay.

Philip Brehm

I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Thanks again for resurrecting the CBSRMT!

Jim K.

Fred Gwynne is one of my favorite CBSRMT actors, I enjoy all of his episodes


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