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Goodbye, Benjamin Flack


Up to his eye-balls in debt, a brilliant businessman hatches the perfect scheme- to get rid of his look-alike cousin and take over his life.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 19, 1976
  • Repeat - July 11, 1976





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13 Responses to Episode 0434

Neat trick at the end.

Randy Mc

I agree; nice twist at the end


Love the twist in the end!


Didn't see that one coming. He should have called her bluff and told her to call the cops. What else did he have to lose at this point?


A formerly successful businessman finds himself in dire straits when his businesses go bankrupt, his creditors come calling, and his wife leaves. His insurance policy would cover his debts and leave him some extra to live on… but that's the trouble. You can't collect life insurance if you're still alive. Calling on his virtually identical cousin, much less fortunate in life, he pleads for his assistance in a little matter of insurance fraud.

R. Malones

Yes, but is it admissible in court? I wouldn't sign a thing.


Wow, I have listened to so any episodes that I thought I had heard all the really best ones already, but I got an unexpected surprise to find this really good one! Goodby Benjamin Flack really caught me off guard, I love that! Anyone else heard any unexpectedly good episodes to recommend?


A pretty good episode that seemed headed towards a specific conclusion, but then the surprise twist. However, I agree with Hayley that if the character was as vindictive as he seems to have been, the ending should've been different.


Guthrie Flack contemplates murdering the beneficiary of his insurance company — his “twin” cousin, Benjamin Flack — in order to assume his identity, pass the dead body off as his own and collect the insurance money. However, Ben catches on and tries to kill Guthrie instead. To contemplate matters, Mrs. Benjamin Flack appears and tries to take the money for herself. (No. 434)


Justice prevailed


Nice twist. And justice for all...


One of the best CBSRMT episodes. Very good. 👍🏻


5 Stars! One of the best episodes, hands down! Great acting, great script, surprise ending. Justice served and all is well… need more like this!


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