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Murder at Troyte's Hill


A female investigator joins forces with a Scotland Yard officer to solve the murder of a gamekeeper and his dog in an ancient English manor.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 17, 1978
  • Repeat - September 19, 1978





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7 Responses to Episode 0817

A lady detective in Victorian England joins a Scotland Yard detective in investigating the murder of a groundskeeper and his dog on an old English estate.


Pretty sweet how Detective Loveday Brooke cold cocked Dr. Cravens in more than one way.

Vicky Hernandez

Those of you that have Windows 8, click on the speaker icon. Then on the picture of the speaker. You'll have Speaker Properties. Click on enhancements.On this episode change pitch shift to -1 or -2. It will slow down the story to about the right speed. Conversely the episodes that seem to be running slow can be sped up with +1 or +2

Randy McLeod

I may be a little sleepy listening to this but is this female police detective named Lovely Brooks? (A precursor to the bizarre female names in James Bond?) SPOILER ALERT because this gives away the plot and spoils the crime. But the Lovely detective solves the crime, the murder of a dog? It appears the Mad Doctor wanted to prove a rumour that when a dog dies, at the moment the dog is dying, it speaks like a human being, and this would be of great scientific interest to hear what the dog will say. I kid you not. This is a bizarre episode even for the psychedelic 70's.


Thanks D.C. for the heads-up on the dog speaking. I won't be wasting my time on this one tonight. ;)


Held my attention off and on for the most part until the end, which was far too gruesome for my interest. Spoiler: The sound of a skull cracking is the reason for the murders. Disgusting.


This is a great listen and a wonderful example of a Victorian detective story in the vein of Sherlock Holmes. What’s even better is that this story features a female detective AND was written by a female author (C. L. Pirkis) who was a contemporary of Doyle’s. I remember reading that these Loveday Brooks stories were quite popular, and I know I was quite obsessed with them (and similar stories) when I was a kid. Spoiler: There’s no talking dog, lol, so if you’re worried about that from the earlier comments, don’t be. The skull cracking comment is also inaccurate.


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