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Uncle Louis


A young police investigator attempts to gather proof against a known mobster and falls for a lady witness during it. The irate mobster discovers a secret from his past.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 18, 1978
  • Repeat - September 21, 1978





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4 Responses to Episode 0818

A police detective tries to bring down a mobster. In teh process, he falls in love with a witness. Meanwhile, the gangster learns a secret from his own past.

Natasha Imperial

Here's a better summary of the episode: A reporter named Arnold Miller gets shot to death. Detective Terry Smith (played by Tony Roberts) asked questions to the widow Helen Pauli (played by Anne Williams) and her daughter witnessed the crime. As for the secret that mobster Harry George (played by Jackson Beck) discovers...well, let's just has something to do between the mobster & the detective (listen to ACT 3 to know the secret). And as for Uncle Louis, he's mentioned briefly, but that's pretty much it.


Nice mystery/morality play about who we are the paths we choose, and the stars that align. All that plus gangsters, romance, and a do-good priest. Good sound quality and acting.

Kathy D

I love these old shows. I can remember listening to them when they were new. Thanks so much!

Vicky Riddle

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