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Big Momma


After finally obtaining celebrity status when his book is published, a young city planner discovers that it was all part of a bribe from his years as a city planner when he allowed the construction of a factory in his city.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 27, 1981
  • Repeat - July 30, 1981





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IBM used to be "Big Blue". Coke was "Big Red". UPS was "Big Brown". (Man, I used to tire of reading those nicknames in the Atlanta paper when I lived ya'll know now the latter wants to be known simply as "Brown".) In this episode we learn that a giant conglomerate known as "National Semiconductor" is also known as "Big Momma". And "Momma" is interested in buying several acres for a new headquarters site in a certain town. Just one problem...the town planner there (played by the usually aristocratic sounding Paul Hecht) doesn't think it's a good idea. He's genuinely motivated by concern for his hometown. He's ALSO motivated, secretly, to be a successful writer...and he quietly yet earnestly longs for a book of his to be published, though it's been turned down several times by other publishing houses. Enter a representative of "Big Momma", who's trying unsuccessfully to entice the planner to give his approval to the land purchase. The smooth-talking executive gets nowhere, until a semi-happenstance encounter with the planner's landlady alerts him of the would-be writer's dreams. He schedules another meeting with the planner, who is stunned to learn that "Big Momma" also has (under her apron?) a subsidiary that happens to be an exclusive book publisher...and the temptation begins...

Don Memering

Awesome "Mother's Day" Story. Clarity of the recording is peachy too.

Scoooter D and the Deuce Greens

The cast also included Joan Shea.


Love the commercials in these. Good episode


Harry Simmons refuses to allow a large company to locate in the small community he serves as town planner. Suddenly his cherished manuscript, rejected 20 times before, is accepted by the country’s most prestigious publisher. Its successful release makes him a happy celebrity -- until he discovers that the publisher, plus a talk-show hostess and famous reviewer all work for the company he spurned: Big Momma.


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