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The Legend of Alexander (5 of 5) - The Legend Begins


War continues to rampage across Persia as Alexander continues to conquer cities and towns to unite them under his banner. His prowess on the battlefield soon earns him a place as one of the greatest rulers in the history of Europe.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 16, 1981
  • Repeat - June 26, 1981





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3 Responses to Episode 1149

This must be one of the worst RMT blunders of all. Struggled to listen to this because it was terribly miscast. I don't mean to disparage Russell Horton's acting ability and maybe I am stereotyping, but the famous leader of men should have been voiced by Charlton Heston types but they hired Barney Fife. Alexander the Great should have been voiced by Laurence Olivier, but they hired Jerry Lewis. Imagine if Gunsmoke had James Arness play Chester, and Dennis Weaver play Sheriff Matt Dillon. Imagine if the original Star Wars had not hired James Earl Jones but had the guy who voiced C3PO play Darth Vader. I know it is stereotyping but I just could not get into that this weepy guy was Alexander the Great, the legendary leader of armies.


Excellent work. A great story and great acting. D.c. is wrong.


I enjoyed ALL 5 episodes very much! & usually, war stories aren’t my “cup of tea”! Russell Horton’s voice didn’t bother me in the least. We don’t have a clue what Alexander’s voice sounded like. He “could’ve” sounded just like Donal Duck or Mickey Mouse for all we know. Horton’s voice is not off putting @ all.


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