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The Deadly Blind Man's Bluff


In a terrible mishap, a riveter loses his eyesight. While he keeps up his physical strength, he slowly goes on a downward spiral emotionally. Besides that, his apartment is within earshot of his former construction site, making him feel much worse. The police warn the riveter and his wife about an escaped murder convict in their area, and a meeting between the two is preordained.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 25, 1974
  • Repeat - November 15, 1974





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8 Responses to Episode 0152

This episode was solidly written, performed, and acted. It also had a moral lesson to it which I found refreshing. The wife in the story was also excessively devoted to her husband--I found that refreshing too. 4 stars.

Davy Joe

A high elevation riveter loses his sight in an accident. While he maintains his strength and physique through exercise, his emotional health is deteriorating. To make things worse, the construction site where he was working is within ear-shot of their apartment and he is reminded daily with the sound of the riveters. The local beat policemen are familiar with the citizens in their area and warn him and his wife about a murderer that is on the loose. The two shall, of course, meet.


After watching Mason Adams for years on Lou Grant, it's funny hearing him described as this big strapping construction worker.


Such a predictable ending but it was so well written and acted, I didn't even care!!


Yeah, it was predictable, but don't you enjoy rooting for the underdog? Crime drama, no supernatural elements.


I like that there wasn't a cheap "out," like the man magically regaining his sight. He experienced a real tragedy, went through understandable depression, then was lucky enough to find a purpose again. Yes, a predictable ending (mostly), but the story was very human to me. SPOILER: I thought that all the references to the honeysuckle and balcony were forshadowings, so I was SURE that he'd end up pushing the murderer over the railing to his death. Was a little disappointed he didn't. :(


A good listen. I was surprised that when Mason Adams was on the balcony and mentioned the smells that his sense of smell didn't come back to work in the conclusion (or the balcony), but that was probably just helping fill in some time as well as show how he was getting better at being blind.


This is an expanded version of Ian Martin's story "A Matter of Pride" which was broadcast on Theater Five in 1965.


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