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The Resident


A move from the countryside to town leaves a retired lady prey to a cat named Evil and a young girl who forcefully moves in with her!



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 15, 1974
  • Repeat - December 1, 1974
  • Repeat - December 10, 1978





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30 Responses to Episode 0010

This episode features a nasty meowing cat and a manipulative young women playing mind games on an old lady. I always appreciate an old time radio show with loud cat sound effects. You had me at "meow."


Strange tale of anthropomorphism; this is the sort of story I would have fallen asleep during as a kid because I wouldn't have "gotten" it back then. I get it now, and it underscores why I hate cats so much. Psycho drama, with supernatural undertones.


Good comment, Andy. Once you name a cat "Evil", its bound to predetermine his personality.


Well acted and engaging, but marred by a continuity problem. How do the cat and the young lady appear in the same place at the same time? The drama is well done in this episode. The supernatural components less so. Worth a listen despite that mild criticism.


"Evil spelled backwards is live . . . how vile." Love it!


Evil, live, vile... They're all the same letters, just a different order. :)


Re continuity: yeah, I'm not sure I get it. Maybe there are two cats -- one is Viola, and the other (Evil) just happened along. Viola becomes so jealous that she wants to get rid of cat #2. Maybe Viola named cat #2 Evil because she disliked her from the start. . .and yet she wants Evil around as long as Evil prefers her to the old lady. Hmmmmm.

Susie Q.

i listened to this one on the way to work halfway through and it had me disturbed for the day...the way she treated that old woman was like a sick dominatrix-submissive relationship.. made me feel sad that she was so lonely that she was willing to put up with abuse just for some human contact


Not really sure what this episode is about, but I enjoyed Loring's performance anyway


To Andy, If you hate cats because of how they are portrayed in this episode...then the young woman in this episode is pretty horrid, you probaly despise young woman. To hate makes you an ugly person.


You certainly nailed it on the head. It is precisely because of this episode that I hate cats. I remember telling my wife the day before I listened to this episode that we should get a houseful of cats because I love them so much. Then, after this episode, I changed my mind completely. I said "You know, I hate cats. And young women. I hate them, too. Let's found a cat and young woman pound, so that if we find them on the street, we can throw them in the pound!" My wife didn't go for the idea because she would then have to live in the pound, but I still have my dreams, by golly!


A fearfully reclusive woman finds strength and courage after dealing with an interloper.

Janice M.

A retired woman moves from the city to the country and is tormented by a cat and a young woman who move in against the woman's will. The cat's name is EVIL.

Arnel C.

The predictable end is given a little twist with its unusual presentation. The cat is very annoying.

Jenn Jackson

I LOVE THIS ONE LOL THE SOUND OF THAT CAT DROVE ME CRAZY LOL Is it anything like the dog sound effects they use in other episodes that sound nothing like a dog?


An elderly woman moves to the country after living in the city. A stray cat (with the most annoying voice I've ever heard in my life!!!) and a young, but quite forward and domineering girl show up and make themselves at home in her house, despite her protests.

Mr. Moya

The bar b que chicken references made me hungry.


I'm still confused. Was the cat that strolled up at the very end of the episode, the daughter, or Evil? The daughter referred to in the letter, was the girl and the cat was just some other cat, right? Or was the daughter simply the physical manifestation of the cat, representing some sort of split personality? I enjoyed the show but I still don't understand what happened!


A whinnied old woman,and a bossy young one yell at each other while a cat in heat makes noise.

Ace O Heart

I agree with Reyx77 about the relationship, but it's true that some people put up with things like that because they are lonely otherwise - quite sad. I also agree that the cat sound was annoying - I think I could've done a better sound than they did on here and a bit more varied. Perhaps the cat helped the old lady realize that she did need someone to talk to, even if it was only the mailman.


I think many of you are missing some of the finer points- the old lady was initially like a cat, in fact at one point Viola scribed the cat and that was how the old lady always was, never getting attached, just watching people from afar, always wanting to be alone. At the end, the old lady became like a cat who "was in love"- she came to desire friendships, connection, warmth and caring for others. The only question is whether there really was a girl Viola, or whether it was her imagination, or whether the cat became its alter ego for a time. The cat at first was like the old lady, it wasnt friendly and wanted to be left alone. But then it grew an attachment to the old lady, and the old Lady began to grow an attachment for it and desire friendships.


"Passive people need someone to tell them what to do. And then when they do it, they get a pat on the head [like a cat] and they are very, very happy."


This episode was a hot wet mess. What was up with the cat sound? #annoying


I LOVE the resident!!!! All time favorite.


This episode is truly creepy, scary, and mysterious. It can be interpreted on many levels and that's what I love about it.


Very eerie episode. I hope I'm never like this.


I too think it was one of the best episodes. If you put the cat sounds aside and listen to the performance of Joan Loring, you may see an amazing performance of a young sassy woman character by a 48 year old! Elspeth Eric's script was well done.


Totally fun episode. Despite, or perhaps especially, for being a cat lover. I agree that Joan Lorring bucks the usual CBSRMT trend of having older performers trying, with mixed results, to sound younger. She nailed it.

Kenneth Franconero

I love CBSRMT in general as a series. Most of the episodes are great, but there are a few terrible ones. This is definitely one of the WORST episodes ever! As a cat lover, I found the whole story disgusting. I hated the dialog about hurting the cat, and the weird psycho plot about the young girl forcing herself on the old woman. The story was really awful and creepy, but not in a good "I like to be scared" sort of way. It was more of an "eeew, I have to turn off the radio because I can't stand it for one more minute" sort of episode,lol! The worst part of all was the phony cat voice, which is absolutely unbearable to listen to!!! (I'm glad they started using real cat sound effects later on in the series.) Also, some of Elspeth Eric's episodes were really great and I love them, but many of her stories are really weird and disturbing, especially when they involve cats. I get the feeling that she really hated cats, based on the kind of stories she writes about them. I also get the sense that she truly loved dogs, which is fine by itself, but her biased in favor of dogs and against cats shows through her writing in a very irritating way.


I meant to say "her bias against cats" rather than her "biased against cats" which is grammatically wrong in this sentence, lol!


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