Joan Loring (Actor)

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(04-17-1926 - 05-30-2014) Age 88

Joan Lorring began in San Francisco Radio after fleeing her native Hong Kong after the Japanese invaded during WWII. She has appeared in Movies and TV.

She appeared in the following 22 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
01/12/1974 0007 I Warn You Three Times A daring attempt to clear their car windows during a snowstorm leads to the mysterious disappearance of a woman's husband. The reasons turn out to be increasingly intriguing.
01/15/1974 0010 The Resident A move from the countryside to town leaves a retired lady prey to a cat named Evil and a young girl who forcefully moves in with her!
01/28/1974 0023 Three Women A writer is pressed by his publisher to alter the ending of his book in order to take fuller advantage of the character of his heroine. The writer hesitates with the premonition that the character crafted by him might actually be alive
02/05/1974 0031 The Lady Was a Tiger A femme fatale double agent frames an unemployed reporter for homicide in Paris.
03/07/1974 0053 The Creature from the Swamp A man lets himself into more trouble than bargained for when he rescues a woman from a swamp and she is apparently pursued by a swamp creature.
03/20/1974 0060 The Ghost at the Gate A ghostly, two-timing tale of romance where a man continues his affair with his wife and his mistress - even beyond death.
04/10/1974 0072 Out of Focus An advertising professional makes futile attempts to take the pictures of a beautiful model as all her photos turn out blank. In the process, he falls hopelessly in love with her until her real nature is revealed.
06/12/1974 0104 The Rat Enraged by the faithlessness of his wife, a genius scientist creates a highly-evolved rodent and sends it to attack his wife's lover.
08/08/1974 0130 You Only Die Once After being widowed, Marge Miller found love in the arms of her new husband. Her peaceful life is threatened when her ex comes back from the dead demanding his share of the insurance money she received for his death.
09/03/1974 0143 The Imp in the Bottle A man buys an amulet that can make his wishes come true. But in order to salvage his soul, he must dispose of it before he dies by selling it for a lesser price than he had bought it for.
09/26/1974 0153 The Spectral Bride After having moved on with his life to the point of re-marrying, a man forces his former wife's father to bring her back to life using a self-made formula.
11/12/1974 0173 I Must Kill Edna A hardened middle-aged man marries a wealthy lady for pragmatic reasons. When he falls in love with a young girl at the same time, he conspires to kill his wife using her obsession with rattlesnakes, .
12/12/1974 0186 Is the Lady Dead? An extremely wealthy man marries a woman on the spur of a moment. His wife dies soon after the marriage, and this affects him in such a way that he becomes obsessed with the desire toreclaim her from the grave. His behavior distresses his family and longtime butler.
12/19/1974 0189 The House of the Voodoo Queen A husband and wife gain possession of a house in New Orleans known to be inhabited by a malicious ghost. Another woman works her charm on the husband in order to get her hands on the house.
05/02/1975 0267 The Final Witness An average Joe becomes the accidental witness to the murder of a friend. But his nerves fail him in the witness stand and the murderer is acquitted. Soon after his friend starts paying visits much to his horror and only extreme steps will appease his spirit.
05/22/1975 0278 Return to Shadow Lake The Maxwell couple make their way through a blizzard to get to their summer cabin where someone has apparently attempted a burglary. But they encounter a mystical scene from the past over there - a scene that might not let to get back to their regular lives unscathed.
06/05/1975 0286 The Plastic Man A reprobate philanderer gets entangled with a married woman. He is unfortunately ignorant about the fact that her husband is a talented parapsychologist with immense telekinetic destructive powers.
08/04/1975 0320 The Devil's Boutique After chancing upon a charming boutique in a quaint resort city in the Caribbean, an arrogant and self-absorbed couturier uses the designs she sees in the store and claims it as her own. Soon after, terrible misfortunes plague her and she learns first-hand what happens when you steal from the Devil himself.
10/16/1975 0363 Stay Out of Dutchman's Woods While picnicking in the woods of Maine, a young couple on vacation are separated and become hopelessly lost. The woman makes her way back to civilization, while the man encounters the forest's beautiful enchantress.
12/26/1975 0403 License to Kill With the successful liberation of her husband from a sanitarium for the criminally insane, a wife professes her intentions are true. However, it soon becomes apparent that behind her so-called good deed lies a sinister scheme.
01/02/1976 0407 Insight Into Murder Flashbacks to the Sixteenth Century convince a lawyer that he was once witness to a murder. When he finds the killer living in the present, he vows to do two things: prove his client's innocence, and seek justice against the guilty for both crimes.
01/19/1976 0418 There's No Business Like In the year 2076, crimes against society are punishable by community service-- in show business. A time traveler moves forward in time and discovers a future where the business is anything but entertaining; and where stunts and special effects often lead to death.

14 Responses to Loring Joan

Do you like torture? Listen then to the painful overacting of the whining and weepy Joan Lorring as she barrels toward her trademark nervous breakdown. The Lorring OTR canon is just too much to bear -- endless volleys of hysterical histrionics a la Moorehead's "Sorry, Wrong Number." Lorring's crackly voice, ever poised for a good cry, seems stuck in that groove. Sorry, but I find Joan Lorring's voice and style akin to a lifetime of fingernails screeching across a slate blackboard.

Bill Rexford

Looks like you're in the minority Bill. I agree with Greg. She portrayed the sultry character better than anyone else in CBSRMT lineup. I always thought her best performance was in "The Resident".

Steve Ciampoli

Joan is beautiful and her radio work is perfect.

Andrea Arbaugh

If she is same person I met in early 70s with her "son"? She was quite charming involved with Special Olympics and very articulate Anyone else familiar with that actress?

j. hoberman

I am one of her two daughters. She didn't have a son. But you are correct, she was quite charming...


It is interesting that one person mentioned that he hates Joan Loring's voice. I guess that is what makes a horse race, because I love her voice.

Dan Nelson

I thought she was one of the sexiest sounding actresses on the show, always a pleasure to listen to her.


Joan's voice is amazing, mysterious, sultry, and precise. She is my favorite actress on the CBSRMT. My favorite episode is "The Devil's Boutique." The storyline is genius and the acting is perfect by each and every character, but especially Joan. I can listen to this episode over and over and never get bored. She is lovely and splendid. From "True Fan Trae"

Trae Sexton

Class act. She’s completely brilliant in these episodes

Jordan N

Beautiful lady!

James Klingenberg

In the picture she has the classic look of a Gibson girl very victorian. In one picture she looks like a angel but her eyes and slight smile says ' I'm thinking evil deeds',. To me that says, a true actress.


So convincing in "The Final Witness"


Joan Loring had the ability through her talent to let you visualize her characters. Beautiful and seductive or fragile and sensitive. You can see the women she played.


A lovely Jewish woman and a fine voice actress.She was absolutely fantastic on the 20+ episodes she was on.'The Creature From The Swamp' would be a personal fave.RIP Joan


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