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Insight Into Murder


Flashbacks to the Sixteenth Century convince a lawyer that he was once witness to a murder. When he finds the killer living in the present, he vows to do two things: prove his client's innocence, and seek justice against the guilty for both crimes.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 2, 1976
  • Repeat - June 5, 1976





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7 Responses to Episode 0407

A man has a vision into a past murder that is repeated in his time and feels compelled to act. Good performances with a convoluted and sometimes uninspired script


A lawyer reads about a modern day case and seems certain about all the facts, even though he is not involved, and his facts conflict with those reported. The foundation for his assertion is that the same people are involved today as were in a case a century earlier. His wife does some digging and finds that there was indeed a remarkably similar case; surely this is just a remarkable coincidence.


If you want to expend the effort, you could probably follow all the numerous details relating to the murder, but it's not really necessary to enjoy the story. It could have been a good episode, but the long-winded exposition drops this down to middling.

Phillip M.

Not the best of scripts as it seemed repetitious at times of what he was saying and too verbose at times (yes, I do realize it's a radio show). I do believe it had potential to be a better story, but perhaps in a shorter format.


1810 is the Nineteenth Century.

Misha Allport

SPOILER ALERT: I found it odd that during the intro EG says the story is confirmed by the arrest of Terrence Pierce. I don't recall Terry being arrested in this episode, in fact he is the target of the killer at the end. Also, during the final sequence they confuse the names of past and present accused several times. Sloppy writing and production. Overall, the episode held my interest in spite of the gaffes.


I just love the music in the beginning:)


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