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The Land of Dreams


After rebelling against a perfect society controlled by a computer, a young couple are forced to go into hiding in order to save their lives.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 18, 1981
  • Repeat - December 3, 1981





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5 Responses to Episode 1243

In a future society where super computers control every aspect of human life and forbid reproduction, a young couple decides they will secretly have a baby. A somewhat moralistic tale of what might happen to a society that relies to much on faceless technology. Genre: Science-Fiction

Carlitos Way

I really loved this episode. Machines have taken over and humans are on the run. Trust and love are in question and in rare supply. This episode is set 2,000 years in the future. I was interested from the very beginning. At the end of its run, CBSMT pulled out another great story.

Vinny Viola

The "Wedding March" is from Wendy Carlos' "By Request" album.

Spaceman Spiff

I think this may be the fourth (at the very least) RMT episode about a hyper-rational future dystopia, with the same-old, same-old theme of "human emotions are superior to coldly efficient reason." The "twist ending" is also straight out of an old Twilight Zone episode.


A very good Sci fi Episode, with what was the usual theme of Sci fi in the Seventies- the Computer takeover of the world- but with a bonus- the dreamy voice of Kristoffer Tabori!


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