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The Triangle


Five days after a commercial airline vanished into the Bermuda Triangle, a sole survivor is found. She then recounts her adventure in a lost world within the mysterious void.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 8, 1975
  • Repeat - November 8, 1975





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21 Responses to Episode 0305

The lone survivor of a commerical airliner crash in the Bermuda Triangle at first claims she remembers nothing of what happened or how she managed to stay alive while all others disapeared and seemingly perished. Over time, however, she begins to reveal a story of being rescued by a strange city of people who offer her and the other passengers a whole new life, away from the cares and troubles of the world in which we live. This is an odd episode, but well-crafted and well-acted. Genre: Drama/Fantasy


Ah, good, it's not just a domestic dispute... The triangle of the title refers to the Bermuda Triangle. An entertaining story of a woman found alive and unharmed five days after the airliner she was aboard crashes in the sea. Pretty good.

Vernon Delos Trino

Mercedes McCambridge appears again as an attractive early 30s spinster on her first trip abroad away from her mother when the plane goes down over the Bermuda Triangle. I gave this episode a 9 because it deals with an explanation of a popular unexplained topic. Mercedes McCambridge still sounds nothing like an attractive young woman, but I've learned to suspend disbelief.

Benny Coriolis

It's a solid episode. I enjoy the Sci-Fi episodes of RMT. This one definately has a "Twilight Zone" feel to it. The whole "Crash" sequence was well executed. I especially enjoyed the use of the music from "2001" and also, later, in the park scene-- the use of music from "A Clockwork Orange". Himan Brown must have been a Stanley Kubrick fan. Though possibly, these two movements may have been first created for other venues than the aforementioned movies. But, they both work well. The whole idea of "the Fantasy Trips" was an interesting plot device. After awhile, one has to ask-- which life was Judy's "real" one-- the one in Miami or the one in "The City"? Cool episode. One's about the Bermuda Triangle really capture the imagination. Until next time.......................


The films you cite make extensive use of popular existing music, usually public domain. Brown would not have taken on the added expense and bother of clearing music rights.

Commodore's watch

It is always difficult to portray a paradise. Almost inevitably, the utopia comes across as boring. The best parts of "The Divine Comedy" involve Hell and Purgatory; Heaven by contrast comes across as vaguely dull. In this episode, life in "The City" seems like death to me. I actually thought the woman was going to rebel against the sterile character of the city. Am I nuts, or did the tease at the start of show not actually appear in the broadcast? I assumed the officer would end up in love with the female protagonist but I have the impression that he died. It is interesting to think that the "fantasy trip" was the journey to the US. The show sort of reminded me of the tv show "Lost".


Oh yeah, Bermuda Triangle stories really interest me. And this one was well written and had me guessing up untuil the end. I also got the feeling that the Navy boatman died.


I've always had a different impression of the ending to this tale. It would seem to me that Ora would have seen to it-- that all the passengers on the ship survived. The inhabitants of "The City" seemed genuinely concerned with all their "charges" and their continued happiness. I always figured Lt. Nelson met his own true love in the utopia-- whomever she happened to be. Just my observation................

Lady Crystal Palafox

In one of the finest RMT's ever "The hand" Alexander Scourby does the very same tortured monologue in the "teaser" (when he sees, for the first time, the subject of the story) that he did in the actual show, but the producers use a totally different music bed. It was amazing to me what a difference that made in lessening the impact of what was being said. Wisely, they used a different one in the actual play that worked MUCH better. BTW, "The Laughing Maiden" also has such a teaser as you discussed.

John Mina

Just re-listened to "The Hand" and your point is well taken. The scene at the end of Act II is far more powerful with the different music bed. It is amazing how much background music can enhance a story. I feel today's T.V. dramas are less effective for this very reason. Watch old "T.Z."'s or "Treks" and hear the difference. Radio drama, of course, relies upon this even more heavily. Until next time....................

John Adrian

Good episode. When it started out, I thought, "Oh, great. A 70's occult-themed episode about the Bermuda Triangle. Will probably be shallow. Ho-hum." But it brought in several elements that gave it real depth, and I enjoyed it and felt the ending was satisfying. Lots of thought went into this, and it shows.


A pretty good listen. I would've liked to have had a little more closure on the lieutenant and anyone else (just a comment about them being there), but it was still enjoyable overall. Kind of reminds me (at the beginning) of The Saucer of Loneliness.


The triangle is very pretty creepy.


I really enjoyed "The Triangle'.


It's a solid episode, but it's also a solid example of why I usually run screaming from episodes featuring Mercedes McCambridge. That trembling voice, the woman-on-the-verge-of-a-nervous-breakdown style and sound she seemingly always employs - they drive me crazier than that creaking door! I also hate Bryna's shrew voice; her other vocal range is fine. I know it's appropriate for her to be a whining old bag in this story, but hearing both of them shouting at each other is really difficult to listen to.


A good listen about a airliner that crashed in the Bermuda Triangle. I gave this episode 4 Stars.

Don Heiland,Jr.

Fun show but the female lead was miscast. She’s supposed to be young but sounds like she’s in her 70s! Kinda ruined it for me


I disagree when I read that people think that Mercedes McCambridge sounds "too old." I have a friend in her 30's, who is a non-smoker, who has a "raspier" voice, so it's not impossible for someone younger to sound older and vice-versa. I really enjoyed this episode, and I think all cast members, especially McCambridge, helped add to this episode.

Dan from S. Jersey

A good listen! Really captures your imagination.


This one came to such an abrupt end that I wished the story could have been tied up more smoothly.


This is not "THE TRIANGLE" it's playing a mystery called "SNAKE IN THE GRASS" I really wish I could have heard "THE TRIANGLE" it sounds like a very good mystery!!.... "Sad Very Sad" 😭


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