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The Ghostly Rival


In order to win the hand of his beloved, a man must first gain her father's approval. After he strikes a deal with an otherworldly creature for immense wealth, things go horribly wrong.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 10, 1975
  • Repeat - November 12, 1975





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3 Responses to Episode 0306

The classic Faustian bargain tale mixed with the Genie in the bottle. A young man wishes for a fortune that rivals his prospective father in law so that he will allow his daughter to marry him. As it always does, the wish backfires.

Jessie Jane

When a wealthy man is brought into the hospital after surviving a car crash in which his wife and unborn child die, he tells a remarkable story. He claims that he was actually a carefree surfer type who fell in love with the daughter of a wealthy man who would have nothing to do with him. Out on the beach one day, he discovers a bottle within which is a spider-like creature who grants him one wish. He wishes for more wealth than the father of the woman he loves.


A fairly good story about a wish gone wrong. However, when I think about wish fulfillment there is always going to be good and bad about it - if you get something good, it's likely someone else did not (or perhaps got something bad). In these stories, of course, it's you get something good and something else much worse happens. I guess that's why some people say wishes are for fishes... or perhaps they're just silly.


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