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The Providential Ghost


When a young girl experiences the loss of her grandfather soon after losing her parents in a tragic accident finds herself in the care of two old aunts who terrify her. Her faith is bolstered when she realizes her grandpa's spirit is still hanging around.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 26, 1976
  • Repeat - July 17, 1976





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11 Responses to Episode 0438

A compelling story.If a grown woman played the role of the child,she did a wonderful job.Beatrice Straight,I suppose.I notice this program never used actual children,to my knowledge,for the roles.

Michel David

Awesome episode. Happy ending. The good people prevail & the little girl has her guardian angel.


A young girl who is being raised by a less than sympathetic aunts struggles to assert her individuality and finds her only support from her “Mr. Charles”, an older man who dies and continues to support her from beyond. The aunts scheme to rid themselves of their young charge and take full possession of her assets.


This one was GOOD from the opening scene to the end. The pace never stopped. When they contest the will and get no where, oh boy, get ready! This one gets an A+.


CBSRMT used a child actor at least once—Sarah Jessica Parker (billed as "Sarah Parker") in episode 649, "The Child's Cat Paw."


A pretty good paranormal story and I agree that Beatrice Straight did a great job sounding like a little girl. I did enjoy the Mr. Charles - who would call their grandfather anything like that? Apparently precocious little girls.


A fine episode, but it might be nice if CBSRMT (and I mean the show, not this wonderful website) gave credit to the original tale upon which this is based...Mr. George, written by Stephen Grendon, a pseudonym for August Derleth. It was also produced as an episode of the Boris Karloff-hosted anthology series Thriller back in the early 60s.


I would rate this episode as average at best. The "little girl" sounds and acts much too young and childish to be ten years old. She was more like a five or six year old, so she was not believable as a ten year old, imo. For that reason, the episode was ruined for me. If adults played children on this show, I don't see why they couldn't have gotten real children to play children once in a while. The adults seldom come across as believable to me.


I’m pretty sure Hetty Galen played the child. This tale is very similar to a Robert Arthur short story, “Mr. George.” This has a slightly different setup but is essentially the same tale. I loved it as a child and really enjoy this version as an adult.


This CBSRMT episode was one of the best that I have ever heard! It had a few twists and turns in the story line that I would have never saw coming! It was just like some classic old spooky movie filmed in black and white!!! If an awards show existed for CBSRMT episodes, I am quite certain that “THE PROVIDENTIAL GHOST” would have won the BEST EPISODE AWARD for 1976!!! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

Eric Templeton

This was done as an episode of the tv show thriller


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