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The Case of the Forced Divorce


In a battle for the custody of their young son, a British woman enlists the aid of a gentleman con man and an American police investigator to outwit the husband who is badgering her for a divorce.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 18, 1979
  • Repeat - November 22, 1979





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12 Responses to Episode 0998

Thanks for the great ending.

Randy Mc

Who plays the countess?


Roberta maxwell


Came on here to find out if anybody actually liked this. I kept drifting in and out of sleep. Bland and boring story and a bland and boring countess. All I got out of this was something about a gold wedding ring, the husband pulling a gun out and saying now I will have to kill you, and just when he is about to shoot, a police detective jumps out from behind the curtain and shouts drop it! I can't even remember E.G. Marshall's comment and who the actors were.


i waited till the end to see who's name was in the ring. didn't happen. no E. G. Marshall closing either


who's name was in the ring at the end? it ends at that point and don't even have E. G. Marshall even dolng the closing remarks nor the actors. I've even searched the net for writings and cant find no answer. thanks


I too was very dissappointed that the recording was truncated, and we miss the dénouement of the whole story! I checked also on old time radio, and the exact same problem occurs there. Is there a complete recording anywhere that anyone knows of? This defect makes this particular episode defective, and frustrating.


Even though the recording was hard to hear in some spots and was cut off near the end of Act 3 (in mid-conversation), it was still enjoyable to me. The only mystery not solved is: who is the actress that played the Countess?


Isn't it somewhat obvious that the name on the ring is "Andrew Wolfe"? One thing I don't like about this episode is the use of a different Inspector James than before. He should be played by John Beal (who is listed above, but who was not in this episode).


Enjoyed this show. Light hearted and fun music as a backdrop for spousal abuse. How that Countess kept her cool under threat was quite British. The last line cut off, but I think we all know whose name was in that ring. Right? Still it would have been satisfying to hear that it was him and a little happily ever after.

Kathy D

The ending has been added to this episode! :) This is another Arsene Lupin, gentleman thief, tale for those who enjoy that genre of mystery stories. Robert Dryden’s performance is particularly good in this one.


I heard the name and EG Marshall ending.

Asher Wambold

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