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Pool of Fear


A spoiled rich, Beth, feels her step-mother is trying to replace her mother. She befriends ex-con Matt and has him pose as her fiancee so that he can kill her step-mother Millie for $10,000.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 7, 1976
  • Repeat - January 9, 1977





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8 Responses to Episode 0531

Pool Of Fear was an AWESOME story.


Fielden Farrington is an absolute genius. This a straight up ghost story which will haunt you. It is one of my favorites.

Robert [email protected]

It is so cool to hear Morgan Fairchild in the show. What an interesting mystery.

Gina Schackel

It seemed like Beth's mother was keeping her daughter from becoming a murderer. Even from beyond the grave. Good story. At times, Ann Sheppard sounds a lot like Jean Arthur.

Vicky Hernandez

I listened to Pool of Fear a few days really does keep you on the edge of a cliff til the very end! My favorite one.


Love this episode... It's the best!!

Christine Ellis

This was William Redfield's final RMT episode. It happen 40 years ago today (10/7/76).


A straightforward ghost story featuring none other than my wife, Morgan Fairchild. She's excellent, by the way, as a not-exactly-evil but unhealthily obsessed daughter in mourning. Her conflicted accomplice also turns in a decent performance as a man caught between his conscience and his heart's desire. The downside is some bland and two-dimensional parts by the lead's father and especially her stepmother Millie, which undercuts the suspense.

Matt Sandwich

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