Ann Sheppard (Actor)

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(01-18-1946 - ) Age 78
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She appeared in the following 18 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
01/11/1975 0202 The Tell-Tale Heart An unlucky family is forced to live with their perverted uncle, where they are forced to face endless chores, hunger, and even sexual harassment.
02/18/1975 0225 Love Me And Die A young woman has recently married, but is plagued by her ex-husband's ghost. He died in an accident while rock climbing and he is determined to pass on a message to her present husband.
03/13/1975 0238 Death Pays No Dividend A group of failed Wall Street financiers try to arrange their own deaths at the hands of a professional assassin so their families can collect on their life insurances. But an unexpected stroke of good fortune comes to them, though their appointment with death is still on!
04/17/1975 0258 Through the Looking Glass A mysterious couple move into a flat next door to Kathy and Doug Sellars. Problems start when the husband, who turns out to be a scientist and inventor offers Doug a solar energy machine that can revolutionize the entire planet.
06/13/1975 0291 Stairway to Oblivion In order to visit a distant relative, Julia Stephens travels to his remote mountain top estate named Oblivion. During her stay she attempts to unravel the mysteries surrounding the fate of the manor's previous visitors.
07/18/1975 0311 The Spots of the Leopard After exposing a ring of organized crime within the company he was employed with, a dock worker and his wife are placed under the witness protection program to safeguard their lives. Unable to adapt to her new circumstances, his wife vainly tries to return to the life she left behind.
08/14/1975 0326 The Root of All Evil After discovering $80,000 in his trash bin, a middle-aged copywriter believes he has found the means to escape the dreariness of his existence. He soon grows paranoid and this create tension in his marriage. Unknown to him, the thieves who stole the money are indeed after him, and they are determined to reclaim their loot.
09/29/1975 0355 You're Only Young Twice A serum that reverses the aging process is successfully created by a brilliant scientist. He plans to test it on himself and seduces his beautiful sister-in-law with the promise of eternal youth.
11/24/1975 0384 The Serpent's Tooth An art dealer tries to help out a talented but half crazy artist. He later finds out he did history a disservice. After trying to assist an eccentric but gifted artist, an art dealer later discovers that he did history a disservice by actually doing so.
02/09/1976 0428 The Horror of Dead Lake Upon hearing of their inheritance, Claude and Polly Baxter are thrilled to be the proud new owners of Captain Doubloon's castle and its mysterious lake. Their pleasure turns to fear when they learn that the castle is home to Professor Micah, a demented embryologist crossing giant Venus flytraps with birds and their terror reaches fever pitch when they discover the creature that lives in Dead Lake.
03/08/1976 0444 The Queen of Spades Intent on the pursuit of a secret gambling technique from a wealthy countess, he accidentally kills her. Now she's back to seek vengeance on the Russian soldier that caused her untimely demise.
04/26/1976 0477 The Three Elders of Lifeboat Landing Lifeboat Landing seems to be the perfect community, where there is no crime and everything is peaceful. When a young reporter starts snooping into the communities past, he discovers more than what he was prepared for.
08/23/1976 0509 The Train Stops The train used to stop at the small town of Dandridge. Now the town doctor relates a story about two strangers who only himself and his daughter have met. She tells her father that she has fallen in love with a man who stops in town daily on the 5:16 train. No one else has seen him and he continues to stop in, even when the train doesn't.
10/07/1976 0531 Pool of Fear A spoiled rich, Beth, feels her step-mother is trying to replace her mother. She befriends ex-con Matt and has him pose as her fiancee so that he can kill her step-mother Millie for $10,000.
12/09/1976 0562 Nobody Dies A young woman with a small child takes a job as a maid to a pregnant widow. Their children grow up together and the boy falls in love with the girl. But she moves away and finds someone new. He is devastated.
01/26/1977 0591 The White Wolf
A family living at the heart of a remote wilderness is haunted and plagued by a stalking werewolf. Despite the mystery surrounding the strange creature, the children have their own theories as to the real identity of the werewolf.

02/18/1977 0603 A Heart of Gold A murderous and evil woman fulfills a vainglorious desire to imprint her portrait on special gold coins. In a strange turn of events, the image that appears on the coins is a hideous reflection of her avaricious nature instead of her actual visage.
07/04/1977 0676 Boomerang A young witch tries to enlist the aid of Satan in order to deploy spells against the man who continues to spurn her. But they always backfire and end up hurting her.

9 Responses to Sheppard Ann

Ann Sheppard often played the sexy damsel in distress is great episodes of Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Suspense, and other classic OTR programs.


If you ever wanted to put a face to that wonderful voice check her out doing "Lights Out TV Show - Dark Image (October 8, 1951)" over on you;-)tube The episode is black & white but she appears to be a blond.


This woman's voice is the definition of the word feminine. She sounds so sexy.


Some of these actors had such long careers in radio. Larry Haines, Jack Grimes, Mason Adams, etc. I added Ann Sheppard (I think that's how her name was spelt). She was in several Inner Sanctum and Suspense episodes - often as a vulnerable, sexy woman.


Just listened to her in MURDER AT MIDNIGHT episode, THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR. She plays Kitty Owen, a woman who squealed on her boyfriend who robbed a store and killed someone. He escaped prison and is out for blood! Great episode! Hard to believe a woman wrote this violent themed show. In 1946! I meant that as a compliment! She had to have been a trail blazer for that era.

Dave Plomin

I just heard that episode of "Murder At Midnight" too! She was great in it! It's so much fun to hear the CBSRMT actors appearing in older shows. They sound so much younger, but still very much the same. :)


She was terrific in the rather predictable Mysterious Traveler episode, "Out of the Past."

Paul Greif

If you ever wanted to put a face to that wonderful voice check her out doing "Lights Out TV Show - Dark Image (October 8, 1951)" . The episode is black & white but she appears to be a blond.


Shepherd appeared in film, television, radio, and the stage under many names, including Shaindel Kalish, Shaindel Kalish Freeman, Ann Preston, Judith Preston Blake, Ann Mann, Ann Shepherd, Jennie Shaludel Libman, and Ann S Sheps. She also appeared in Hollywood films under the names Ann Preston and Judith Blake.


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