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The Spots of the Leopard


After exposing a ring of organized crime within the company he was employed with, a dock worker and his wife are placed under the witness protection program to safeguard their lives. Unable to adapt to her new circumstances, his wife vainly tries to return to the life she left behind.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 18, 1975
  • Repeat - November 23, 1975





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7 Responses to Episode 0311

Nice story.


Good acting, as usual. Amazing that some of these actors cover more than one part - talented voice artists. Extremely professional! And as always, Sam Dann is a brilliantly creative writer. Keeps you guessing...

Mark Taylor-Canfield

A dockworker exposes organized crime within his company and union. After an attempt is made on his life, he and his wife are relocated in the witness protection program. His wife is unable to adjust and tries to slip back into her old life.

Harry O'Neal

A couple are put into the witness protection program after he testifies against the mob. His wife has a penchant for antiques and despite the dangers to life and limb, cannot seem to keep their identity a secret.


If you are stupid enough to risk your life, and your husband's life without his knowledge, over a commode, no matter how fancy schmancy a toilet can be, you deserve to be found by the mob guys. How idiotically mercenary and materialistic can one woman be? Well, just look at any Kardashian for that answer.


I agree with Zeezee1 that the wife was way to materialistic, even when the death of her and her husband were on the line (especially after how she emphatically stated several times how she couldn't live without him). I guess they could get the mobster for attempted murder (caught in the act no less), but it probably still wouldn't stop him from tracking them down (although since they were in the witness protection program they might not be able to charge him if they were relocating them again). Also, why did the mobster go himself rather than send one of his henchmen? Overall I still enjoyed the show even if it wasn't the best.


Enjoyable episode, but yet another one where I kept hoping that 'the dame gets it!' Oh my goodness, the wife was an idiot. The husband would have been in his right to send her home and let witness protection find him another place to hide out.


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