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The Cezar Curse


A man visits a Spanish aristocratic family and falls in love with a woman whose picture hangs on the wall. The woman was wicked in life but it bothers him little as he falls for her daughter who bears an evil curse.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 14, 1975
  • Repeat - June 8, 1975





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9 Responses to Episode 0239

A man suffering from severe stress is prescribed rest and relaxation by his physician. The doctor recommends a villa in Spain whose owners have fallen upon difficult financial times and are willing to take in a border to supplement their income. The only condition is that he is not to strike up any intimate relationship under any circumstances with the owners of the estate. Once settled in his room he is captivated by a painting of a lovely woman in his room. This ancestor of the current residents bears a striking resemblance to the current occupants. The man cannot leave well enough alone and embarks on a fact finding mission to uncover the past of this family, and, in the process, falls in love with one of them.


One of the more literary episodes I've heard so far. Very well produced with excellent sound quality.

Phillip M.

Nice adaptation of a RLS classic. The book was scarier!!!


A good listen again as most (if not all) of the Robert Louis Stevenson adaptations are. I have gotten all of his works to read, but have yet to read all of them (I have read a few in the past). Isn't it nice when you hear something that it makes you want to read the original book/story? It's not very often that you see something that makes you want to read the original story (only one time for me - The Princess Bride, and it was a great book for me, too).


Ah, many many thanks to this Website for featuring this Episode the "Cezar Curse" as the Daily featured episode! The writing, acting, sound effects were all fantastic- so engrossing and compelling! The mysterious mood completely engulfs you and you are carried off to its foreboding setting. I lately always like to recommend another episode that would be a good companion to listen to together and I think the "Judges House" would make a good companion to this one- I hope others would please make recommendations of their own when commenting!


“The Hand” and “Shadows from the Grave” are excellent


For those wanting to read the original Robert Louis Stevenson story , it is titled " Olalla ".

Richard Theiling

I've never heard a Spaniard with a better Mexican accent.

Bill King

I thought it was Peter Lorre!

Commodore's watch

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