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Don't Look Back


A legendary country singer falls for the charm of a plain girl from a small town he met at a remote service station. But she does not dare reciprocate out of fear for his manager who might even murder her to get her out of the way.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 2, 1978
  • Repeat - June 29, 1978





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3 Responses to Episode 0775

Objectively, this episode was a solid 4. Some listeners may like it, some may not. From a personal stand point, I loved it--5 stars. It was brilliantly hoaky. I truly enjoyed all three characters. It may not meet up to every fan of Mystery Theater's taste, but I liked it.


Thanks for flagging this unusual episode. I share your assessment. Kind of loopy, but in a good way. One personal note: having grown up in the south, I thought the southern accents from two of the characters were pretty good. There was another episode based on the same legend, but I don’t have the episode number handy. Thanks again for flagging this episode.

Jerry Lawson

While I found the episode somewhat entertaining - I found the last 20 minutes of the recording fascinating. There is an excerpt from a new talk show host - "Larry King" and he is interviewing "General Lawrence Snowden" (Chief of Staff United States Marine Corps and talking bluntly about whether or not the Viet Nam war was a mistake. In light of our current exit from Afghanistan - it's almost unbelievable to hear people talking so bluntly.


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