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No Way Out


An elderly man becomes obsessed with the number 2172 when it repeatedly appears in random patterns during the course of his life. Despite the protests of his nephew's girlfriend of the figure's significance in numerology, his nephew brushes his theories aside.



Air Dates

  • First Run - December 27, 1978
  • Repeat - July 6, 1979





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3 Responses to Episode 0936

('s one thing I loved about the RMT episodes, in response to your earlier question. Listening to E.G.'s quotes throughout the show was often like receiving a miniature classic education...he liberally talks about Pythagoras (as in "_n theorem", which I've long forgotten), the founder of numerology, and one can learn a lot from this episode). Anyone remember the "Million Man March" back in the 90s, and what a triumphant moment it was for the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan? Anyone remember, in his crowning speech within the event, him breaking out into a strange and apparently unscripted sermon on numerology, to which the camera panned out in the audience to reveal some intently listening but perplexed looking men? It did make a lot of sense to Minister Farrakhan. That's kind of, IMO, the two camps that this episode will create...those who understand it and those with question marks over their heads. Earl Hammond plays a man, dating a ditzy woman, whose only surviving relative is a very rich uncle whose wife fell over the balcony of their hi-rise penthouse. (Sounds familiar to an episode I recently reviewed.) When he first greets his uncle in this episode the unc's upset because his bill and a cabbie's license number match the number corresponding to the day his wife died. In addition, the ditzy woman seems to be upset too, saying his uncle is a "4" (if I remember correctly) in numerology parlance (somehow that spells doom for him), and that he's also a clod. Indeed, most silver barons, as this uncle is, are real dolts. :roll: One of the questions in this episode is: "Just who in the cast of characters really believes in numerology and who doesn't?" This is worth a listen after "Who has seen the wind?" but it may be...oh well, I'll leave ya'll to review it. And, IMO, E.G.'s final comments before saying "Our cast included..." are absolutely priceless.

Han Frazier

This is a very good episode - very good. I have been listening to all the episodes that Elspith Eric wrote, and this is one of the best. I wonder is the creator of television show "lost" poached this idea. I find a lot of Elspith Erics episodes have good ideas but some are not fully developed to their potential endings. Some could have had better twists at the end but just ended flatly but I still enjoy them. For example the episode about the OD energy, I forgot the name, should have ended with the other guys outsmarting the professor at the end- but in all her episodes are really enjoyable in my opinion. I agree with Han above that the intellectual level of Mystery theaters EG Marshall is a great benefit to all who listen, I pity the youth today who are listening to filth that is dumbing them down.


Solid episode with a good plot, good acting, fair sound quality. A hint of supernatural.

Kathy D

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