Charles Irving (Actor)

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(07-30-1912 - 02-15-1981) Age 69

Charles Irving played Tex on radio's Bobby Benson. His TV and Movie career ran from 1942 through 1981




He appeared in the following 5 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
07/28/1978 0872 Double Take Two women novelists write the same story without even being aware of the other's existence. Slowly, they realise they are also enacting the plot in their real lives.
08/23/1978 0883 The Eavesdropper Myrtle Chapman, married to a bookish man who neglected her for eight years, stealthily listens to his telephonic conversations about Hermes with another woman. She gets her answers finally in a small statuette at a bar.
12/18/1978 0932 The Familiar Ghost When he begins to receive letters of a threatening sort, a retired ship captain about to be married becomes paranoid and believes he is being pursued by an invisible being.
12/27/1978 0936 No Way Out An elderly man becomes obsessed with the number 2172 when it repeatedly appears in random patterns during the course of his life. Despite the protests of his nephew's girlfriend of the figure's significance in numerology, his nephew brushes his theories aside.
01/26/1979 0950 The Dominant Personality After their wedding, a city waitress moves to the wilderness to live with her loner husband. A series of murders take place on the nearby property and all clues point to her man.

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Charles Irving (July 30, 1912 - February 15, 1981) directed two episodes of The Andy Griffith Show. As an actor, he appeared in the films A Face in the Crowd with Andy Griffith and Head with The Monkees. On TV he played the recurring roles of Dr. Joe Bradley on "Peyton Place" and a judge on "Perry Mason". He also appeard on on the following series The Henry Morgan Show, Gangbusters, Lux Radio Theater, Studio One, The Milton Berle Show,Bobby Benson, Inner Sanctum Mysteries and many others


Charles Irving had a 30+ year career in radio, appearing on dozens of programs including The Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Gangbusters, Lux Radio Theater, The Henry Morgan Show, Studio One, Bobby Benson and The Milton Berle show. He appeared in over 50 films and television programs. His film credits include A Face In The Crowd, Fate Is The Hunter, Countdown, Project X and the Monkees movie, Head. His television credits include The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Peyton Place, Perry Mason, Bewitched, Get Smart, I Dream Of Jeanie, Bonanza and the daytime soap, Search For Tomorrow. He also directed 2 episodes of The Andy Griffith Show.


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