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Tomorrow's Murder


A stressed sales manager gets more stressed when he finds his tombstone in the cemetary with a date of death a year in the future.



Air Dates

  • First Run - December 31, 1976
  • Repeat - April 23, 1977





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8 Responses to Episode 0575

I thought this was shaping up to be a standard "They're playing with his mind to drive him crazy" type of story. When it turned out that a genuine supernatural event had occured I was a little disappointed because I wanted to hear all the details about how the two lovers arranged things to make the man come unhinged. It reminded me a little of Macbeth, where we are left wondering if Macbeth was the victim of a self-fulfilling prophecy. But since that isn't the case here the only real mystery is who the heck that guy in the cemetery was. All-in-all a good listen, but nothing really new or intruiging here, so I give it a C.


I remember hearing this on its first run, and the that was the first time I had heard "Mystery Theatre". I was 10 years old. Our TV wasn't functional, then, so I listened as often as I could after that (which was on Friday and Saturdays only because Mystery Theater came on around 10 p.m. CST around then, and I wasn't allowed to stay up late on weeknights).


"Tomorrows Murder" is a very good mystery that walks that fine line of psychology/supernatural, that are my favorites. Some feelings and occurrences may seem supernatural, but might they just be our inner intuitions working subconsciously? Another really great psychological/supernatural one is "Island of the Lost", and of course, the best, ultimate classic one of all time, "The Graveyard"! Anyone know of some others?


The protagonist's final line of dialogue is one of the best/funniest in RMT history. The story keeps the listener guessing and is worth a second hearing. Very enjoyable episode with a touch of mystery that kept me thinking about this story after it was over.


This must be one of the most mysterious episodes to be broadcast on mystery theater. I've played it 4 times over and I still don't understand it. Potential SPOILER alert. The preview begins with Harold asking his wife if she wants a divorce. No she says, this is easier. She pulls out a gun and shoots him. Act 1 begins with Harold in a cemetery near his work meeting a stranger and they strike up a conversation. The stranger's unusual hobby is admiring the artwork and carvings on tombstones. He points out to Harold a fascinating tombstone. It is Harold's tombstone from 6 months in the future. Harold later takes his wife and best friend who is his doctor to see it. Turns out the tombstone isn't there. Harold is confused. His friend contacts the cemetery owners who confirm that the tombstone was never ordered. Meanwhile Harold loses his job because the company can't afford quality products and converts to cheap quantity. Harold is visiting the cemetery in a confused state and stops a girl walking a dog and asks her to read what it says on the tombstone. The girl does and it is Harold's date of death which is in the future. So the tombstone is actually there. Harold asks the girl if she doesn't think the future date on the tombstone is unusual. No she doesn't think so? Later, Harold's wife gives him sedatives. While supposedly under Harold is woken up by the postman ringing the doorbell? Strange because in my country postmen do not ring doorbells and hand you the mail personally while striking up a conversation and waiting for you to read the letter to them. But maybe this was done in the U.S. in 1976. Who knows? Anyways, Harold doesn't know this postman since the postman is from 6 months in the future, February 1977, and Harold is in August 1976. Postman hands him a letter which says the revolver Harold ordered is ready. Harold never remembers ordering it. Next after the postman leaves Harold looks out the door and it is summer 1976. His wife is there playing music and the doorbell rings. It is the future postman who has begun his work that day. Harold recognizes him. Wife gets a postcard from the friend who she is cheating with. Harold is more confused. Given another sedative. Wife telephones lover she'll be over in 10 minutes. Final act begins. The wife and her lover sneak in quietly to the house not wanting to wake up Harold. They then talk about how it won't be long now before Harold is dead. Surprise! Harold is actually awake and shoots and kills the couple. Next a cop is in the cemetery and meets with the stranger from the first act. Cop tells the stranger about Harold's crime and that he died in March 15,1977 from unknown causes. The stranger then points out another interesting tombstone a little bit away - and it happens to be the cop's tombstone with the date of death 2 years in the future. Here the story ends. Weird. Since this episode seems to imply Twilight Zone ish that March 15, 1976 is in the future, this must have been a confusing listen to the radio audience even with the first repeat broadcast on April 23, 1977.


Harold K. Starbright, while walking in Morrison City Memorial Park, meets a man whose interest is cemetery sculpture. The man points out several unusual examples, including one tombstone with Starbright’s name, birthdate and date of death, March 15, 1978. His wife Gretchen and his doctor, who is Gretchen’s lover, don’t take him seriously, but Starbright knows he must do something to stop the countdown.


one of the very best, entertaining all the way through with some great twists

tom m

a classic

tom m

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