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The Intermediary


Childhood cruelty unhinges a man named Frank Ellington as he gets possession of the house where his stepmother tortured him. But he is convinced to relocate there by his wife whom he soon suspects to be an agent of his dead stepmother.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 14, 1975
  • Repeat - July 19, 1975
  • Repeat - August 29, 1980





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10 Responses to Episode 0256

Great episode. The ransformation of his wife is great radio theatre.

J. Nocolosi

Frank Ellington has inherited from his stepmother the house he grew up in -- and in which she made his life hell. His wife convinces him to move in to the free house -- a decision that might cost her her soul.

Mackie Emmanuel P.

When a wealthy but bitter old woman dies she leaves a will with some exceptional conditions. In order for her son to gain access to any of her fortune he must live in the house he grew up in and he must remain married to the woman he is currently with. He balks at these conditions stating his hatred for the house and the memories he has of the things that went on there. His wife, on the other hand, encourages him, in fact, is quite forceful about moving into the mansion. Upon taking possession of the house, he finds his wife acting more and more like his dead mother…


Frances Sternhagen stole the show. Sternhagen was great as the wife "possessed." The step-mother's animosity toward her step son reminded me a little of the mother in "A Child Called It" by Dave Pelzer. It was scary how the step-mother tried to destroy her step-son even from beyond the grave.

Vicky Hernandez

One of my top 10 shows!


Not a bad episode. Pretty spooky and a well written plot.


I've been listening to CBSRMT since it started - I'm sure I've heard over 60% of the episodes - probably closer to 90% - some episodes many times over. I think that this is a very good representative episode of the best of the early years - which I feel were the best years. It's unfortunate that there is bleed-thru of either another station or other side of the tape the last 10-15 minutes, but it is only a slight distraction to a very good story.


Great story, I loved the transformation of Laura to the step mother .. Superb acting... One of my favorites!

Tina Garten

Learned something new. How many listeners knew of the meaning of the crocheted antimacassar? I didn’t and had to look it up. Heck of a time trying to spell the word to find the definition. Good episode.


A thoroughly wonderful story, indeed! It’s predictability was tremendously satisfying because the story followed the logic of the situation so well. I, too, enjoyed the transformation of the wife. So well done!


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