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Stamped for Death


A pair of greedy brothers inherits their father's priceless stamp collection upon his death. When the two bounders unwittingly misplace it, they make plans to swindle their elderly relatives out of theirs.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 14, 1977
  • Repeat - June 11, 1977





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7 Responses to Episode 0600

A man dies. His two sons return to town from different points to claim their booty. They were not close to their father and seem to be a couple of sniping jerks who are hungry for money. As the will is read, events begin to unfold.

Jerome Jugos

Two greedy brothers inherit their father's stamp collection. When it's lost, they try to swindle their elderly aunt and uncle out of theirs.

John Reese

Really loved the airplane scene in this one


Very intriguing story, but an inconclusive and almost anti-climactic ending.


It's kind of hard to like anyone in the story, really, even though their aunt and uncle are clearly the "good guys" and the only honorable people besides the lawyer, shockingly. It's not inconclusive - they could have searched for 88 years, but would never find a stamp that's been sent to the dead letter office, and I think the ending is fitting for two such POS guys. It is divine retribution. Once again, Russell Horton and Lloyd Battista have wonderful chemistry in an episode.c


I have to agree with Zeezeel. The whole family was a bunch of crumbs.


Always expertize your expensive and rare stamps!

Richard Gratton

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