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The Thousand Pound Gorilla


A husband begins to have paranoid episodes in which he believes that his wife is out to kill him. His panic attacks were brought about by a chance encounter with his wife's ex-husband at a golf outing; where the man claimed that his wife would murder him if he continued to stay with her!



Air Dates

  • First Run - December 31, 1979
  • Repeat - April 22, 1980





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8 Responses to Episode 1043

An interesting study of one of man's most elemental fears. A CBS Emergency Bulletin breaks in for a few minutes, but the story is by no means unintelligible when it resumes. Works up an okay atmosphere; not a bad listen.


Franklin G. Wilkinson is a man "in the prime of his life"...a 40 year old sales manager in the best of health, married to a woman named Wendy he loves very much and who very much seems to love him. That's why he's floored when George Haskins, an engineer for one of his company's partners, tells him at a sales meeting that he was once married to Wendy...Wilkinson was unaware that his wife had ever been married. In fact, Haskins warns Wilkinson that Wendy will try to kill him, because when Haskins was married to her she tried to kill HIM. Wilkinson is unnerved, and maybe a bit uneasy when he mentions Haskins name to his wife and she ignores him and goes to sleep. Haskins keeps trying to contact Wilkinson and does, then finally links up with him. He warns Wilkinson that he's going to get weaker and weaker, and that his wife will drain all the strength from Wilkinson's body until he's dead...he says Wendy may not even fully understand that she's killing him. Haskins says Wilkinson will start to feel weak, and later he'll see Wendy and hear here telling him she loves him in the middle of the night and not know if he's awake or asleep. Haskins says he's trying to help "a fellow human being"...that maybe Wendy has some "force" that lives within her. In the meantime, Wilkinson is indeed getting weaker. While he sleeps, Wendy tells him everything will be all right, that she needs his strength...

J.E. Jones

Wow, this one creeped me out....

King Bee

This is, in a way, another "succubus" story like the VERY depressing yet powerful "Out of focus" from the CBS RMT first season. A succubus was a type of demonic spirit which would sleep with men; Wikipedia says that "Religious traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with a succubus may result in the deterioration of health or even death." (It doesn't say WHICH traditions, but one doesn't want to embrace the demonic, no pun intended, anywhere in his life.) This story is more subtle than "Out of focus" was, with a smaller but very talented cast of Earl Hammond (who was also in "Out of focus"), Mandel Kramer and Terri Keane. Interesting.


It's a dumb title, but I really liked this one. The Wendy character is kind of an ancestor to Scarlett Johansson's character in the movie "Under the Skin."


Don't be fooled by the title. Great episode.


I have given a number of very positive reviews for episodes of CBS radio mystery theater. I acknowledge that I like to use it to tell me a story as I go to sleep at night. But this is the first one that I post because I found it so disturbing that I could not go to sleep. I presume that it means that it is emotionally powerful, but I personally found it inducing a sense of dread, doom, and hopelessness. If that is your ball of wax, listen to “the thousand pound gorilla“,


Where does he sleep? Wherever he wants.


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