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The Lazarus Syndrome


A company aggressively starts retrenching the older employees in their roster in order to reinvent the organization into a young and edgy business. Fearing for his job, a fifty-year old manager starts acting youthful despite his doctor and wife's warnings not to overtax his already ailing heart.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 23, 1978
  • Repeat - May 4, 1979





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9 Responses to Episode 0909

Decent episode. Good set up. Coherent plot. While not my favorite, an enjoyable episode overall.


A very thought provoking episode. All workaholics and company line pullers should listen to this one.


A couple commercials included (YAY!!), very good sound quality, decent (arguably believable) story.


Commercials of any kind are the foremost bane of existence.

Michael R Sheffield

Good story like a modern day morality tell.


Wow. Great morality tale about age discrimination. In 1982 my dad was fired after 31 years and just months before full retirement. While age discrimination is now illegal, the US is still youth idealizing and getting more so. Sigh... Some things change and stay the same.

Kathy D

How awful! Hope your father made out ok. My best friend's husband was told he had to retire at 70, then was laid off 6 months before his birthday, losing out in a $20,000 commission. Fortunately he has savings. They just need to get out of the astronomically priced high crime San Francisco Bay Area.


Hyman Brown has an uncredited role as the lead characters father in heaven.


Love the episodes with Mandel Kramer, really liked him as the last Johnny Dollar. The past few CBSRMT episodes have been disappointing, this one reminded me of how good they can be. The plot is still valid today. I wish they wrote more about after the hospital, but it was still good

Brian McG

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