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Strange Passenger


In a desperate attempt to secure work, a lawyer knowingly goes off with aliens for training as a potential ruler of Earth. His widow strangely receives monthly checks from her supposedly deceased husband.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 15, 1976
  • Repeat - August 29, 1976





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An out-of-work lawyer volunteer to be trained by aliens to rule Earth. His "widow", meanwhile, receives a monthly check from her missin husband.

Jeffrey Scarr

(originally aired April 15, 1976) - An attorney, talented but down in his career, is recruited by aliens from a hostile planet. He agrees to go with them to their planet, is brainwashed of his previous identity and is programmed to go and do certain tasks back on earth in advance of a takeover by the alien race. He's assigned to Fargo, N.D., but upon being transported back to earth the first place he ventures to on the way is a church in a remote North Dakota town. The minister there, a kindly fellow, believes the man needs help and starts telling him about God's word. The "recruited" man scoffs at him saying the minister's beliefs are fiction, but the minister never wavers from his belief that God's word is absolute truth. The minister attempts to aid law enforcement officials later who believe the "recruited" man (who disappeared earlier and was presumed dead) was indeed abducted by aliens.

Ciel Hermione

A middle aged lawyer appears to have risen and fallen in his career and, having no particular career direction open to him is approached by strange individuals claiming to be aliens. He accepts their offer of financial security for his family, and a role of critical importance to the future of the world in exchange for his unyielding devotion to their cause. To do this he must appear to have died and will subsequently reappear as a completely different individual whose rise up the political ladder brings the alien plot closer to fruition.

Rowan F.

Evie Juster is an authoritarian alien and a young suburban wife. Nat Polen is New York lawyer James Archer (aka "the recreated man" Stuart Murdoch in Stony Creek, North Dakota), who communicates with his wife via crawling text at the bottom of her TV screen. This was Frank Behrens' only episode. Extraterrestrials (UFOs), Christianity.


This was an interesting episode - could someone who believes in justice help another group to take over their country/world in the belief that they will be more just? What was the proof? Just because they wanted to do it quietly doesn't mean that they were just. It also seems odd they just wouldn't leave him as he was and assist him as they could, but perhaps they weren't as smart as they thought they were.


I just could not get into this episode; I tried to listen to it several times. It was one of those that kept dragging & you couldn't believe when you realize it's only been 1 act. I thought the writing was good, the premise interesting & original (& perfect theme for 70s sci-fi radio--not CBSRMT's strong point for sure, but this script was pretty good) I thought the acting was stiff and sounded more "reading lines" than in any sort of character (with the exception of Evie "lovely actress, but that voice sometimes" Jester & the gentle priest); the lawyer's character should have changed vocal inflections after going thru his "transformation"; in the beginning he is depressed & angry in a low-key fashion, but it would have nice to have seen a subtle "alien" characteristic come through. So not one of my faves, but worth trying out. 2 stars ☆☆


Thanks-you Cindy for bringing this particular episode to my attention. Had not previously listened to it. I actually enjoyed it and thought it was quite good, even though I dozed off and fell asleep the first time listening (had admittedly been a bit into the scotch and made the egregious mistake of laying down in my comfy bed as the episode got started). Woke up around 0400 hours, and gave it another try, this time getting through the entire episode with no problem whatsoever. It was in fact a bit weird/incredulous that "Major Wayne" immediately deduced that Archer had been carried off by aliens into outer space after hearing about the words scrolled across the bottom of Mrs. Archer's TV screen following her husband's initial disappearance and then proceeded to give historical corollaries about similar incidents in Papua New Guinea and Michigan in past years, Lol! But still, I rather enjoyed the episode! Most of these I heard as a kid a 10:07pm Monday thru Friday on AM 1450 WGPC/Albany, GA, but have no recollection of this one.

A.N. Durden III

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