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The Forty-Four


The local sheriff has been in love with a wealthy landowner for the longest time. When she confesses to the murder of her cousin over a dispute on the ownership of a certain property, ballistics reports on the weapon come back negative and he must find the true perpetrator of the crime in order to save her.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 23, 1980
  • Repeat - May 8, 1980





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2 Responses to Episode 1053

It’s always a bad sign when E.G. Marshall apologizes at the end of an episode. In The Forty Four, he apologizes for the fact that the story was not wrapped up in a nice tidy package. There were other shortcomings. The episode could have been improved with Alexandra as a more sensuous older woman. Himan Brown was a high point in the episode. He is always stellar. I wish he had bigger roles in Mystery Theater and more of them. I guess he was already pretty busy. I give The Forty Four two stars out of 5 – Juror # 4

Juror # 4

Marshall does not apologize at the end of this episode-he says that if you like your tales wound up neatly they cannot oblige. He then adds that life can be like that.

Dale Haskell

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