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The Hanging Judgement


A husband and wife exchange gunfire after a heated altercation. When the woman ends up dead from a shot in the back, the man and his servant are tried for murder.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 21, 1975
  • Repeat - May 4, 1976





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6 Responses to Episode 0383

This was based on a true story. Very interesting. I wonder who played the secretary? She is good at sounding like a very young girl.


I thought the killer all along was Dr. Grant. The hired assasin did not kill Barbara Grant the first time. Why would he the second time? He was just wanting money. I did not think Dr. Grant's girlfriend killed his wife. She would have killed Barbara herself the first time and not hired it done. The obvious killer was Dr. Grant. I can see how the jury was hung on the first trial. Interesting this was based on a true story. I give this episode 5 stars!

Don Heiland,Jr.

This is a Perry Mason-styled courtroom drama. A doctor is separated from his wife. He and his mistress visit his former home in what is supposed to be a negotiating session with his wife. Gunshots ring out and the wife is dead. The doctor and his lady friend are charged with murder. At the end of the story, we are told that this is apparently a true story. Although I am no lawyer, I am sure that the prosecution does not normally call the defendant(s) to the stand to testify when they present their case. Also it would surely be highly unlikely that the same attorney would represent two people during the same trial that are separately accused of murder. Oh well, it's radio drama.

Jack R.

One murder, two guns, and one suspect equal a courtroom drama. A man and his maid go on trial for the murder of the man's wife. The husband and wife exchanged shots, but she died of a wound in the back.

D. Roberts

A doctor visits his estranged wife with his girlfriend when she pulled and gun and shot at her husband. A second shot rings out and the wife falls dead. The court case that follows attempts to uncover the truth.


An interesting story, but strange that two people were indicted at the same time with the same lawyer. It did seem pretty suspicious with the bag being carried up, but equally strange that the wife had a gun. I guess they were really meant for each other. Although the secretary did sound young, it did seem strange to have her as part of the narrative if only to describe it in parts.


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