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The Golem


A man tries to aid an elderly Jew and his granddaughter evade the Nazis tailing them. The old man begins to resurrect a mythical being from old Hebrew legend to save them.



Air Dates

  • First Run - December 30, 1974
  • Repeat - February 22, 1975
  • Repeat - June 3, 1979





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26 Responses to Episode 0193

One of the best episodes ever! I love the way they show the struggle between helping the oppressed and the fear of risking ones life (in this case, under Hitler's dictatorship). The characters are very real and three-dimensional, not flat and *good-vs.-evil*. When the wife betrays the Jewish people her husband is trying to help, she is so realistic and I like the way they didn't make her (as the betrayer) *evil* but portrayed her as a human being, giving in to her fears about her husband's life.


Love this episode. You can feel the terror of not only the Jews but of the German citizens.


I agree with Amy's review. This episode is worthy of the Golem legend. it has the feel of a parable, a message applicable to any time. Compared to the rest of cbs rmt, this episode certainly stands out.


This was an insanely powerful episode that is just too-classic. 35 years after its original airing, The Golem is one of my favorites.

Davy Joe

When I was 15 I remember listening to this episode on 580 WIBW in Topeka between 10 and 11 p.m. I fell asleep between act 2 and 3 during the commercials and was frustrated the next morning I did not hear the ending. That would happen during several episodes. Very frustrating back then unless I heard the repeat episode. I just heard the ending after 36 years. Great episode.

Don Heiland,Jr.

I cannot imagine falling asleep to Mystery Theater. I would have nightmares

Janet R

Set in WWII as a country woodsman finds himself in a dilemma as he as chooses to help a Jewish women and her grandfather as the Nazis chase them. The grandfather is imbued with a mystical power that he claims can bring a champion to defend them. Good moral, not too cheesy. Solid performances


This play is set in World War II and concentrates on a older man and a younger woman who are running as fugitives from the Nazis. A young German man and his wife are faced with the horrible issue of questioning and stopping the treatment of the fugitives at the risk of calling attention to themselves. After some soulsearching, the young man decides to offer assistance and learns the power of the Golem.


This is a modern "sequel' to the folk tale of the Golem. Traditionally the Golem was made by Rabbi Loew (Loeb) of Prague in the 16th century... I suppose the preferred version has the Golem created to protect the Jews from the Christian majority but there's more than one version and a lot of different details. Certainly the Golem was a human-like figure of clay, animated by magic, which proved to be a great danger even to it's creators. This story is set somewhere in eastern europe under the nazi occupation. There is an interesting but undeveloped idea that the Golem might be a metaphor for atomic weapons... The old man fleeing the nazis is said to have been a chemist in Prague working on a formula which would "release explosive forces many times more powerful than dynamite" Mixed in with the ethical drama about a forester who endangers himself and his family to assist the old man and his grand-daughter there is a genuine supernatural element. A decent episode with an imperfect ending - which leaves a lot unresolved.

N. Matawaran

Taking place in wartime Europe during the holocaust, a man encounters a girl and an old man seeking help from their persecution from the Germans. He turns away from them three times, then, reminding himself of Peter’s betrayal of Christ in the Bible, seeks them out to offer his help, despite the dangers, and the pleadings from his wife not to put their own lives at risk.


Ah, the Golem. This is the real boogeyman in my opinion. A magical force that is created and hard to control. He is truly the representation of the power of the written word. There were two different themes in this episode. Peter's betrayal of Christ mixed in with a Golem story. A bit forced. I could have gone without the references to the betrayal. Aside from that twist, it was still a good story.


Amusing and worth listening to. Not only did E.G. Marshall explain this story in depth in all 3 Acts, but the performances of the cast were terrific; especially Ralph Bell (as the Nazi Lt. Mueller who became a Hebrew Hunter). The music was fitting to the story because it expressed compassion & agony. If they played the music from the 3rd Act of Episode #1245-THE JUDGE'S HOUSE when Lt. Mueller's in the scenes, that would be the perfect music for the villain or any villain. As for the Golem, the creature that was made from clay, gets mentioned until ACT-2 and finally comes alive near the end of ACT-3. The Golem should've been the MAIN character, not a MINOR character. But still, this is one of Sam Dann's best writings.


Not sure who the gorgeous woman in the photo is, but that's not a photo of Mildred Clinton. For one thing, Mildred Clinton wasn't Asian.


I enjoyed the story, even if the mix of the Jewish golem story with Peter's betrayal of Jesus was a little strange to me. Listening to it actually reminded me of a golem story from the DC comic book House of Mysteries (I think) I read back in the 70s - unfortunately I don't remember the details of that story, just the picture of someone writing something on the clay forehead of the golem.


I cannot tell you how deeply this episode moved me!sometimes even though the Golem may be missed or something else the real her here is the reality of what one human being will do to another and I really wish that was a myth.of course we know it isn't. This is a great episode!


I remember many of the shows back in the 70's... I'd listen to them and fall asleep some times. I loved to listen to them every night! My twin brother did the same.


Unfortunately the prevalent religions Resulted in most of Europe helping nazis even after ww2


Not sure what “religion” you’re referring to, Victim. Don’t know of a TRUE faith that teaches murder of innocent people. Beautiful story.


I just listened to the story for the first time in 2016. I enjoyed the characters tremendously and the setting was very evocative. My impression of it is positive, but I do feel it had some unrealized potential. So much of the story focused on Tomchek and Marina's relationship and the impact the Lieutenant had on their life that the Golem storyline felt a bit tacked on. I also wish the story had established consequences for Marina's betrayal. Did Tomcheck find out? How did it impact their relationship? What if the Lieutenant had brought her along and the Golem had killed her as well? I would have found something along these lines to make the story a little more satisfying. Nevertheless, a good episode!


I first heard the program in late August of '74 and on the last night of my Summer vacation in Cheyenne Wyoming (Warren Airforce Base) I slept out under the stars that night, by myself as I had enough of my "cousins" and they had surely had enough of me! I wish could remember the episode, but I do remember hearing the repeat later in the year. As far as I know; I was the only 13-15 year old in my entire middle school who listened to the program, because I remember our grade 7 English teacher, nearly passed out to learn that the only student who knew what CBSRMT was ME, her worst and least favourite student.


My father (a former AM (freq not time)DJ from beginning FM era) introduced me to Mystery Theater in the late 70's. At 9:00 on Sunday nights he, my brother and I would lye on his bed with the old clock radio tuned to WCCO and try and stay awake. CBSRMT is gone now and so is dad. You have brought back such wonderful memories. I can not thank you enough.


I was so glad that there is a web site for this great radio show. So many fun memories. I used to listen when Live365 was still available. A big loss there. Have a great day!


This World War II-era tale features a married couple who must choose between protecting their own family and sheltering a young Jewish woman and her grandfather. Will the couple help the fugitives or betray them? Is the Golem only a figure from folklore or might it truly come to life? How will our conversation incorporate both Johnny Carson and Superman? Listen for yourself and find out!


Wow, definitely top 5 on this one, one of the best! The story of the Golem is something I'm familiar with. The comparison of the Jewish people and Nazis during WWII and the Gospels and Peter's denying Jesus, along with how people can turn their back on what is right to save themselves, although the Bible teaches differently, is AMAZING and powerful. The Nazis and what they did should never be forgotten. The wife being like Judas to her own husband, the cunning of the Nazis in their cruelty. All I can say is well done! I'm so glad a friend told me about this I never listened when younger and I love reading comments of others and their memories, but CBSRMT is classic even though I'm in my 50s! Thanks!


And with actor Robert Lansing, one of my favorite actors from the 1960s. I really enjoyed the 12 O'clock high series. The CBSRMC keeps surprising me with guest actors.


In sequential order I've been listening to CBSRMT since discovering this site. I rarely missed an episode about 45 years ago, and The Golem is one of my favorites. It's a great mixture of history, fantasy and the power of selfless compassion for others. Thank you for making these radio shows available. Its also cool to hear unedited news and ads of the day.


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