Robert Lansing (Actor)

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(06-05-1928 - 10-23-1994) Age 66

Robert Lansing appeared as Gary Seven in the 1968 Star Trek episode "Assignment Earth."


He appeared in the following 2 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
12/30/1974 0193 The Golem A man tries to aid an elderly Jew and his granddaughter evade the Nazis tailing them. The old man begins to resurrect a mythical being from old Hebrew legend to save them.
02/26/1975 0229 The Strange Case of Lucas Lauder A man sentenced to death informs a prison guard that he was Jack the Ripper in a previous life and that after his death, Ripper's soul will possess him and he will murder his wife.

3 Responses to Lansing Robert

... not to be confused with the other Robert Lansing, who was Secretary of State.


1st hand,he was a nice guy,that he was!


Something always fresh to his readings. Fondly remembered for the WW 2 "Terlve OClock High" tv B--17 series.

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