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The White Ghost


With the accidental demise of his mistress, a successful entrepreneur's world slowly falls apart as her vengeful ghost refuses to give him peace.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 1, 1976
  • Repeat - August 17, 1976





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10 Responses to Episode 0460

A powerful businessman's life begins to unravel after the accidental death of his mistress. Her ghost won't leave him alone.

Murray G.

A prominent businessman is having an affair with a beautiful young woman while his handicapped wife is home confined to a wheelchair. Responding to his girlfriend's frantic call late one night threatening to kill herself, he arrives in time to only to accidentally shoot her during a struggle for the gun. Distraught, but unwilling to come forward, he is wracked with guilt cut even deeper by the phone calls and appearances of the girl from beyond the grave.


Relies on the over-used plot device of a murderer being haunted by the person he killed. It seems we've heard it sevral times before.


This is a good one. It plays with your mind. It reminds me of High Plains Drifter.


I liked this one in the idea that at the end you're not sure if it was supernatural or not - was it a ghost or was it the sister? I could say either one could be good for what we heard in the story.


I gave this episode 5 stars. A very good listen. This episode is full of commercials and has great tape quality, easy to hear. My bet is on the sister who wanted revenge. I believe there never was a ghost!

Don Heiland,Jr.

Really enjoyed this episode. Though a common concept, distraught woman returns from the dead to haunt the one she loved, the ending left you wondering what exactly was going on here.


Very good listen. Well done acting and good suspense as to what really happened.

Maureen Maher

This is my favorite episode of CBSMT. Great story and Ralph Bell and the rest of the cast are terrific. But what makes it stand out for me is that I really feel like I can see the house, the ghost, the highway where Pendleton is shot at 4 a.m.

Chris B

Donald was disgusting. Afraid of getting caught is not the same as feeling guilty.


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