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Happy Death Day


An overweight woman suffers from recurring nightmares of her death at the hands of a faceless man. Distraught over her horrific dreams, she visits a renowned psychologist to help her discover the meaning behind her disturbing nightly terrors.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 21, 1977
  • Repeat - May 8, 1977





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4 Responses to Episode 0589

An overweight woman has nightmares of a faceless man who tries to kill her by pushing her over a ledge. She goes to a psychologist to try to explain the dream and put a face on her assailant.

Antonio Inigo

Really good sound quality, no commercials or news (sadly). Early on I wondered if the woman wasn't setting up her husband's murder with an eye toward being able to claim she was sleep walking when she killed him. I find the whole adultery genre tiring, personally - why can't a murder just be a murder? - and the idea that a person's large size makes them unlovable is pathetic, but I know there are millions of shallow people in the world (especially the real one) who think so immaturely.


Agree on the good sound quality. Some of the episodes are almost unintelligible. I wouldn’t mind chipping in some more money to improve the sound quality. PS. I do enjoy snippets of the news when included. Reminds me of when news was much more unbiased.


Enjoyed this episode. Mandel’s Kramer is one of my favorites. Guess I don’t relate, like so many others, with sadness at the lack of commercials, and I’m pretty nostalgic. I do enjoy the Safeway commercials. And I love hearing commercials of the 50’s-60’s that predate these episodes.


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