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Faith and the Faker


A converted swindler turned faith healer learns that he can heal anyone in his island except his lame wife. He soon realizes that only one thing stands between him and the ability he desperately seeks to acquire.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 14, 1975
  • Repeat - March 22, 1975





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10 Responses to Episode 0205

A man is sought out by the local citizens for his apparent ability to cure illnesses with unconventional suggestions, like stripping naked, pressing your face against a rock, licking it 13 times, and redressing. (hahah). While he seems to be able to cure those who ask, he does not take his apparent ability seriously but patronizes the community to their benefit. He cannot though seem to help his wife who is confined to a wheelchair. The locals suggest it is just a matter of faith in his powers, but if he does not believe in them himself…


I liked the episode. I want to say it was sappy but the moral of the story was delivered in such a sweet way, that using "sappy" would be an insult. I just wish the tape was running at regular speed. Things like that can be fixed these days but, all to often, I hear the slllooowww delivery of an episode. It really does take away from the show.


I love all of Eslpeth Eric's stories!

Gina Schackel

A good listen with some redemption where we didn't know redemption was needed until near the end. I, too, didn't like that they slowed down EG to stretch out the episode, but they do it on occasion.


I must be starting to soften on Ms. Eric. This is not a great script by any means, goes on too long and returns too little, but it's not bad. Notably, she avoided a three-minute monologue from some mystic newsletter to explain how the protagonist just-so-happens to prescribe remebies that actually have some curative benefit and just lets us fill in that blank for ourselves. The ending is silly and sappy, as is often the case with CBSRMT.


But they always do explain each cure that he "happens" to stumble on.


One of the few Howard Da Silva episodes where he doesn't creep me out or grate on my nerves. In this episode, he is actually a likable character. I like the relationship between him and his wife. It's quite refreshing because most married couples on this show have all kinds of drama. Of course, that makes the stories interesting, but in this case, it's a nice change to have them so happy with each other. Am I the only one who felt sorry for the ax being "crucified", lol? (This was during one of his healing sessions.)


One of my favorite episodes with one of my favorite actors, Howard Da Silva. Thoroughly entertaining. A charming story.


Great story, (not sappy). Great definition of FAITH by ST. Paul.


Enjoyable episode, love and faith. Great bible verse quoted by E. G. If you just want a good listen, no drama as you usually get nowafays and just feel good after listening. This is the one. Enjoyed the news and commercials!


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