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Queen of the Deadly Night


A young Jewish woman of the Dark Ages seeks a rumored kingdom with the intention of becoming its queen. Before she can be queen, she must pass a test.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 24, 1976
  • Repeat - December 22, 1976





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5 Responses to Episode 0524

A serf woman of the Dark Ages learns that she must travel to a foreign land and become their queen. Before she can be queen, she must pass a test.


I found this a very enjoyable enjoyable episode. A woman's quest to be queen, thwarting treachery and betrayal along the way, with the guidance of her dead husband's voice. Regrettably, with every rise comes a subsequent decline. Could you answer the three questions to be queen? Listen and see.


Okay fable of a medieval woman who finds the strength to overcome great adversity after being married, widowed and disgraced in a single day. History buffs might enjoy picking apart the factual errors (like referring to the country of Turkey in the year 900), and Marian Seldes turns in a solid performance as the lead.

Matt Sandwich

A hearty thumbs up! I suppose you have to be in the right mood to hear this one but it reminds me of the beautiful bedtime stories I read as a child. Absolutely delightful.


I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. Here’s what was awesome. First, the Cast: Marian Seldes (as Rachel ben Zi), Arnold Moss (as Asher ben Zi and Olaf the Viking), Bryna Raeburn (as Hedwig and Bathsheba), Robert Kaliban (as Isaac and Uncle Benjamin), and Court Benson (as Count Renault and King of the Khazars). Wonderful performances by the 4 that played their 2 roles. But Marian Seldes, who played 1 role, was the outstanding one who stole the show! Gentle, hopeful, humble, and confident she played. A solid recognition in her place in the history of CBSRMT! And second, the Host. E.G. Marshall’s Prologue started out with the subject of Women, along with quotations by Friedrich Nietzsche & Thomas Moore. In ACT-1, story takes place in the Dark Ages of 900 A.D. where our main character, Rachel the writer, lived in France who was single, married, widowed, and trapped in a world of Feudalism. In ACT-2, Rachel’s life has changed so rapidly, yet her destiny awaits. In ACT-3, concluded the legendary story with no happy ending, but knowing that Rachel who lived a long life with filled with happiness, adventure, love, and sorrow for many years. In his Epilogue, E.G. Marshall informs us that women in those dark times used to be confined, restricted, and exploited, but knowing that they are rising on our time is good news. Informative and impeccable his narrations were! The music was terrific, a lot of melancholy tracks they used during the main character’s narrations. The sound effects were good, however, there wasn’t a lot they put in for this tale. ACT-1 had sound effects of doors, howling wind, swords clashing, and locking a chamber door. In ACT-2, nothing. ACT-3 only had the sound of people murmuring. For a tale such as this, CBSRMT could’ve used sounds of wedding ceremonial music, horses, sailing ships, ocean waves, and other things that took place during the Dark Ages. And as for the Sam Dann’s script, it was amusing. A great story where the main character was likable and constructed a new life for herself filled with faith and knowledge. But I think CBSRMT fans would question/debate on the historical facts of the Dark Ages, Feudalism, the Khazars, and how women lived in those times. Also, I wonder if Isaac the bridegroom gave Rachel more guidance after her success to become Queen of the Khazars? If he did, then CBSRMT would expand this story into 2 episodes. The title is catchy, yet sounds like a Horror Tale. Another way to title this would be “Queen Of The Khazars” or “The Writer Who Would Be Queen” or “Rachel Of Clairvaux And Her Moments Of Darkness.” Anyway, it’s an adventurous mystery tale and fans of Marian Seldes would enjoy this. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


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