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The Return of Edward Blair


A man must convince the residents of a small town that he is not the criminal that escaped their justice years ago.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 13, 1980
  • Repeat - November 27, 1980





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4 Responses to Episode 1109

A man returns home to a mystery that could cause him a boatload of trouble. But is he who he says he is? Well produced and acted, but somewhat stretching concept (Stars: John Lithgow)


This was a solid episode, and it was inspired by a short story by Saki. The original ends very differently. I love John Lithgow and he never disappoints.


When a radio series such as Mystery Theatre has 1399 episodes, there are bound to be a few losers. ‘The Return of Edward Blair’ is their king. I won’t expend much energy rehashing this snoozer. I will say that a premise this empty and a surrounding story this vapid has no business being presented as a 45 minute episode of such a high quality series. John Lithgow (a Mystery Theater standout) seems pained as he plods through the tired narrative of a stranger who wanders into a town and is mistaken for a previous inhabitant with a sordid past. Perennial favorites Robert Dryden and Earl Hammond do their best, but I was astounded by how many people the protagonist could meet in half an hour and have the same boring exchange with. If you must give Edward Blair a listen do yourself a favor… play the first five minutes then skip ahead to the last five; you will have the whole story right there. If I could give ‘The Return of Edward Blair’ zero stars, I would. Give yourself the gift of 45 minutes and pass on old Ed – JUROR #4


This was a good episode and I enjoyed listening to it. Although the ending was different from Saku's short story 'The Hounds of Fate,' I was disappointed that credit wasn't given to Saki for the basic plot (too many similarities to be coincidental)


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