John Lithgow (Actor)

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(10-19-1945 - ) Age 79

John Lithgow has won Golden Globe and Emmy awards. He appeared in 1982's the World According to Garp and 1983's Terms of Endearment, both times receiving an Oscar nomination. He may be best known for his role in Harry and the Hendersons


He appeared in the following 10 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
09/11/1978 0891 End of a Memory A visually-impaired man accidentally finds himself in a murder scenario and narrowly escapes becoming a victim himself. Many years later, he gets into an affair with a woman who had witnessed the same incident, but has no recollection of it.
11/27/1978 0923 Alien Presences Witnessing the crash of an unidentified flying object, an elderly couple head to the location and find a bay amidst the wreckage. As the child grows older, he longs to return to his own planet and people.
01/16/1980 1051 Prisoner of the Machines A group of rebels are taken prisoner by robots during a war between man and machine; and their commander plans to liberate them from Asteroid Prison One.
02/06/1980 1057 The Deserter A mountain man saves a couple and their infant who are stranded by a landslide in the Sierra mountains of California. While he is willing to help them survive, he refuses to guide them back to civilization.
04/21/1980 1078 The Fourth Reason A wife enlists the aid of a politician in order to find her missing American husband. The congressman sees it as a tool to propel his campaign and takes advantage of the situation.
08/13/1980 1109 The Return of Edward Blair A man must convince the residents of a small town that he is not the criminal that escaped their justice years ago.
10/08/1980 1125 Portrait of an Assassin This classic tale of intrigue and deception recounts the life of Charles Guiteau and his grandiose plan of getting President Garfield elected, as well as his subsequent assassination at a DC train station by Guiteau's hand.
10/29/1980 1131 Bloodline Charged with the theft of $2 Million, a stockbroker recounts how he himself was a victim of a scam that resulted in the loss of his employer's money.
11/10/1980 1134 The Dagger of Almohades The tables are turned when a beautiful woman encounters a man with a possessed dagger. It seems that her usual feminine ploys will not work on the wily stranger.
02/19/1982 1292 The Victim Hotshot lawyer Ferras gets an acquittal for Joe Thompson's manslaughter conviction, as well as $2 Million as damages. Joe travels to Acapulco to celebrate his freedom.

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I loved him in Harry and the Hendersons!


I was pleasantly surprised this morning when i listened too Prisoner of the machines and heard john lithgow's voice. It was a great serial and i cant wait to hear all of the episodes he did.


He was so great in The Victim . I still have the original broadcast that i recorded off KNX in Los Angeles when I was 13.


It's such a gift to hear his voice again. I have always loved cbsrmt since I was a young boy. I still can't believe I found this on FB.

Dave Rand

My favorite actor


Love Him in "Prisoner of the Machines" and "The Victim".


Dr. Emil Lizardo lives!!


John Arthur Lithgow (born October 19, 1945) is an American actor, musician, poet, author, comedian and singer. He has received two Tony Awards, six Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, an American Comedy Award, four Drama Desk Awards and has also been nominated for two Academy Awards and four Grammy Awards.[1][2] Lithgow has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and has been inducted into the American Theater Hall of Fame. Lithgow is well known for his television roles as Dick Solomon in 3rd Rock from the Sun, Arthur Mitchell in Dexter and Sir Winston Churchill in The Crown as well as for his roles in films Blow Out, Twilight Zone: The Movie, Footloose, Santa Claus: The Movie, Harry and the Hendersons, Raising Cain, Shrek, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Interstellar. His performances in The World According to Garp and Terms of Endearment each earned him Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actor. On the stage, he has appeared in many Broadway productions including the musical adaptation of Sweet Smell of Success and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. In 2007, he made his Royal Shakespeare Company debut as Malvolio in Neil Bartlett's production of Twelfth Night. He has also recorded music, such as the 1999 album of children's music, Singin' in the Bathtub, and has written poetry and short stories, such as Marsupial Sue, for children. His work for children has earned him Grammy Award nominations and two Parents' Choice Silver Honor Awards.


Thanks for the reserch. He is an amazing talent.


I loved him in the episode “Bloodline”. I was 19 years old at the time and heard this episode on 580 WIBW radio in Topeka, Kansas.

Don Heiland, Jr.

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