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Human Error


After unintentionally causing the hospitalization of a young woman, a man experiencing a midlife crisis falls for her. His friends soon become concerned when he begins visiting her for no reason.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 18, 1980
  • Repeat - December 1, 1980





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8 Responses to Episode 1110

Uncomplicated & honest.


For once a drama from Elspeth Eric that isn't dreary. A look at a man who's thinking of cheating on his wife. Nice twist ending. No supernatural elements.


An incredibly sweet story from Elspeth Eric. Beautiful!


Elspeth Eric's best episode and probably one of the best in the RMT catalog. Great drama without macabre or supernatural elements.


Not much of a macabre mystery with this one. And I should have said that is a spoiler alert for this episode. This is more a soap opera morality play. The only mystery is (spoiler alert) why out of all the luck that he hit a girl at the intersection who happens to be alone in the city. (He picks her up at the hospital to drive her home. This girl has no family or friends that could have driven her home? Not that you found out in this story. Maybe a high light is Larry Haines acting the way he fumbles his speech as if he is unsure of himself and non confidant. (Hard to describe it in words) but is it so great for this story, when that is the way he talks in every episode he appears in! (At least the first 1100 I have heard so far. You get to recognize his voice fairly quickly.)

D.C. Klinkensmit

Outstanding story. One of the best from the series! And it's not even macab...bruh.

Mark A

A great simple story. Highly recommend. Not scary, but certainly thought provoking. A guy thinks about cheating on his wife but listens to his conscience.


I'm not usually a fan of Elspeth Eric. (although she is very "1970s"). But this story was nice. I enjoyed it.


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