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Intent on helping his ailing sister, a has-been playwright kills his uncle in order to obtain his wealth. Now, he must convince his relatives as well as the detective assigned to the case that he murdered his uncle with the best of intentions.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 3, 1980
  • Repeat - January 21, 1981





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6 Responses to Episode 1132

An unmarried unassuming 39 year old philosophy professor, still living at home with mother, is implicated in a vicious sexual assault. The victim is adamant that he is the perpetrator; in order to clear his name, he takes a lie detector test only to receive a guilty verdict. The female polygrapher understands the problems with such results and befriends him to help find the truth. His mother, a domineering and controlling woman, refuses to let her son see the polygrapher and a violent struggle ensues between mother and son.

Jessie R.

Not sure which play the commentator above was listening to, but Henry is a struggling playwright who confesses to killing his uncle, an unsolved murder, because he needed money to pay for an operation to save his sister's life, but nobody believes him. He was just too nice a guy to commit murder so he probably needs mental help.

D.C. Klinkensmit

Kenneth Case is identified in a lineup as the man who attacked and robbed a woman. Though he passes her house each day and resembles the description of the attacker, Case did not commit the crime. Trying to prove his innocence, he asks for a lie detector test and the results say he’s guilty. A psychiatrist, Dr. Marian Knapp, thinks she knows why, but Case’s mother refuses to let him see Dr. Knapp again. Not until Case expresses anger toward his mother does he understand how the lie detector could have lied.


Great episode. I wasn't sure if he committed the murder or not until the very end.


Crazy,y playwright seeks punishment for the murder he got away with 10 years ago. Forsaking potential love and freedom. Did he do the crime or is he mentally ill? Good acting and sound quality. I enjoyed this episode.


A not very successful playwright tries to confess to his uncle's murder that happened years ago. Lots of fluff and not much mystery. A disappointing episode, I was actually wishing the end would come, which is rare for CBSRMT, I kept hoping something interesting would happen, but no


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