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Sleeping Dogs


What prize awaits a French officer who vows to train the weakest link in their unit, and turn him into a super soldier.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 9, 1981
  • Repeat - December 17, 1981





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4 Responses to Episode 1249

This was an okay story, not overly thrilled with it as the main character spends most of the show complaining about his lot in life and then has a sudden change of character (there is a reason behind it, but not good enough for such a swift change for me). This was also on the site as episode 465 with the same name.


Nice--it has one of my favorites, Ray Owens.


I rate this episode ★★★☆☆ for AVERAGE. This story, written by Sam Dann, was enjoyable to listen to. However, things kind of trailed off in the 3rd Act. I was hoping for a surprising twist during these historical events when Louis XIV was King of France in the 1670's. But, oh well. Another way to title this Drama-Mystery would be "The Regiment" or "The Benchmark" or even “Friendly Fire” (because that’s what happens in the finale). The sound effects of birds chirping, horses galloping and neighing, bell dinging, door tapping, the slap, soldiers marching on foot, muskets firing, the bugle, drum roll, and soldiers fighting on the battlefield were very supportive in this. As for music, many of its military themed tunes were repeated in each Act. Good tracks, but too much of it. I liked our Host's Prologue when E.G. Marshall starts the show off by quoting Charles Dickens: "There are strings in the human heart that had better not be vibrated, And so there are also passageways in the human brain that it best not be explored." It gives the Fans of CBSRMT a heads-up that this is a cautionary tale. In ACT-1, he states how some people achieve immortality, like the main characters do in our story. In ACT-2, he quotes Douglas MacArthur that, "Old Soldiers Never Die." Later, E.G. Marshall points out that our 2 main characters are adversaries where one has human power and the other has human spirit. In ACT-3, he quoted the English Poet Siegfried Sassoon who once said, "Solders are dreamers." In the end of our story, our Host states that it's true that our main character was killed by one of his men, but also points out that it is dangerous to alter the psyche of another human being. But then in his Epilogue, he mentions Lieutenant General James Thomas Brudenell (7th Earl of Cardigan) and Field Marshall FitzRoy James Henry Somerset (1st Baron Raglan) that these 2 men were the best dressed. It's confusing as to why our Host would mention these 2 since they had nothing to do with this mystery tale. I'm guessing it's connected to the beginning of our story on how people achieve immortality. His narrations were going smoothly until his Epilogue took a different turn. And finally, our cast: Russell Horton (as Etienne), Gordon Gould (as Lieutenant Colonel Jean Martinet), Evie Juster (as Jeanette and Nicole Martinet), and Ray Owens (as Sergeant Escargot and Louis XIV). Big props to all that performed famous historical figures. If only they spoke in French accents, I would've rated this episode 4 stars for GOOD. If you're a history buff on the 17th Century, check this story out. And if you enjoy stories that take place in France, check out LES MISERABLES (episodes #1275-#1279). Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0]


I thought the episode was good... not great but good. I enjoyed the storyline and how he became as I use re heard in the movie "Full metal jacket" born again hard. This also ends similar for the cammander as for the drill instructor in full metal jacket. Near the beginning of the show the two characters are talking and he says something like "French this language we are speaking" :) Was a good way to tell us all they were talking French when they truly were not.


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