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The Favor of Women


In the year 3039, Earth has long since depleted its natural resources and must import all requirements from other places. When the planet that provides them with Selco- the main source of the Earth's energy abruptly cancels all shipments, an astronaut is sent to initiate talks with the planet's queen.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 17, 1978
  • Repeat - May 29, 1979





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4 Responses to Episode 0919

Sci-fi radio fans of X-0 and Dimension X would LOVE this episode! I wish CBSRMT had made more good science fiction like this episode.

Terry bates

Correction. I meant to type X-1, which was a mid 1950's science fiction outer space radio show (not x-0).

Terry Bates

I agree with the previous comment. This was a fabulous little science fantasy episode worthy of X Minus One. Lloyd Battista's character Victor was sent as a sort of Capt. Kirk-style romantic force to woo the queen of Planet Arana into allowing them to bring back a vital substance, Selco, that future Earth requires for energy and, in fact, survival. Arana, a very primitive planet, is currently the only known source of Selco, and they stopped exporting it a couple of years ago. Earth is down to only a 15-day supply! How'd they let that happen? Victor tries to use the Jedi mind trick on the queen, but does it work?


I was always drawn to the science fiction ones back in the day. And, some things always amused me - even in my teen years. For example at the beginning, when they say "It is "Earth Time is now 1900 hours" as if it is the same time everywhere on earth. But, I love how the author realized that no matter how fast you go, eventually you get used to it, and are upset that it now takes 4 minutes 19 seconds to go 100 million light years when it used to only take 2 minutes something. I'm reminded of this myself, when it takes five minutes in the microwave to warm up a pot pie or something that would take an hour in a traditional oven - and I'm impatient to wait the five minutes.


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