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The Riddle


At an estate sale, a married couple purchases an old camera and a bunch of yellowed missives. They soon discover that the old letter and pictures in the camera contain clues that will lead them in a mysterious treasure hunt.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 9, 1982
  • Repeat - December 6, 1982





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4 Responses to Episode 1368

The sound is bad,but stick with it,you can make through.

Randy Mc

I'm 43 (relatively young I guess) and grew up on CBSRMT. What do I mean by that? this day I need to have some sort of talk radio going in order to wind down and fall asleep (much to the chagrin of my partner) and this started at a VERY early Dad got me started on Inner Sanctum and Suspense, and the local Mutual affiliate (WMAS 1450 Springfield, MA, then a MOYL affiliate) carried the show every evening at 11PM (followed by Larry King overnight). This would have been late 70's and ended, obviously, with the end of the show...I was between maybe 7 and 11 and don't know how much of the program I really followed, though I was certainly creeped out periodically. The bottom line is this: this show (in particular with the commercials and news intact) holds tremendous nostalgic value (think goosebumps etc) and I am currently in January 1978 listening to every show from the beginning of the run in order (bit of OCD there).

PS. There is a CBSRMT episode that I found particularly disturbing as a child, and all I can recall about it was that there was a scene where human flesh is discovered in a dryer in a public listening through the series from start to finish I figure I will eventually hit upon it...but if this plot snippet rings a bell for anyone PLEASE let me know what episode this is...what the net really needs now is an episode guide complete with plot summaries in addition to the many synopses available...they could be protected by a spoiler alert...but wikipedia does this for all of the extant TV series and I have always felt like radio gets short shrift here...anyhow longwinded hello!


Hi, Larry. I believe that the show you're looking for is "Nightfall", a Canadian radio series featuring suspense and horror stories. It was produced by the CBC from 1980 - 1983. "All Nighter" is the title of the episode. It's not a great one, but I hope you find it and I hope it's the story you're looking for. The series was okay, and featured mostly Canadian actors that we're not familiar with in the U.S.


I agree the sound was pretty bad in spots, but the storyline is definitely good all the way through.


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