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Terror on the Heath


A young man thinks he is the incarnation of serial killer who was hanged for a series of murders in the 1800s. He finds an old photo of the killer in the public museum, and also a man well-versed in the history of the crimes.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 6, 1974
  • Repeat - December 28, 1974





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5 Responses to Episode 0170

Terror on the Heath was not one of my favorites, but I admit a bias against episodes with reincarnation. 3 stars--just an average listen.

Davy Joe

A man reads a book about 19th century murderers and finds them strangely familiar. Piquing his interest, he pursues more information from the author. THe author is preparing an exhibit of artifacts related to his research at the local museum, one of them being a daguerreotype of the long dead criminal. Gazing into the face, it is as though he is looking at a mirror... the image is identical to his own, and the memories that flood his mind are too vivid to ignore. Can he be the reincarnation of this 19th century murderer?


Not one of my favorite episodes. There is supposed to be a supernatural element to the story, but my feeling was that it was more psychological, more of a monomania. Not a terrible episode, but not that great to me either. I had to listen to the ending a second time to figure out what happened as well (or rather, who was who at the end).


This was the episode that I listened to when I was young. It was my first time hearing CBSRMT and I was completely hooked. I recorded it using a cassette recorder and subsequently had an entire library, some episodes recorded on eight track tape! (remember those?). I found the episode suspensful and very enjoyable and have listened to it many a time since I was ten years old.

Winslow Swan

I'm an old radio newscaster myself and grew up on the 70's CBS radio network Love the sounder, the stories and hearing the anchors I remember from my high school and college days. I also love the Country Time lemonade commercial, however, that Country Time lemonade stuff is watered down and horrible. The regular lemonade is much more lemony.


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